So what do you think the next expansion story will be?

As long as you cannot apply this word to the next expansion, I’ll be happy.

Emerald dream xpac maybe?…I saw a new dream gate pop up on the far west side of the island. My druid was able to fly in but it has a green barrier around it.

Battle for Azeroth 2

I’m hoping for a void vs Light expansion. If not than I guess, I will be playing something else.

I feel I’m just growing out of WoW at this point.


Something with privateers, goats on boats, lots of fun with my mateys, or am I just parroting streamers now?

Whatever it is, don’t count on it being even mediocre, or close to good…

Yeah, none of that nonsense, please.

The fight with the Infinite Dragonflight revealed they had been corrupted by H’stur, an Old God from another time line, and after defeating Murozond Azeroth become connected to H’stur’s time line. So to prevent the resurgence of the Old Gods in our world, we enter the portal to stop the invading forces.


An Azeroth corrupted by Madness!

New Old Gods because there more Lovecraftian Gods then you can shake a stick at!

Azeroth’s heroes and villains reimagined!

The return of Garrisons. Your personal base away from Azeroth!

Emu Wars!

And Doug.

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alleria abandons turalyon and marries me.

This is like the 4th world tree since launch. It’s not that big of a win.

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