Old world revamp?

What’s up with ashenvale? Darkshore? Feralis? Desolace?

Where are the wildhammer now?

When will a secret faction of Gnomes, mechagnomes, goblins, mechagoblis, vulpera, and mechavulpera open a portal to Hollow Azeroth through hundreds of miles of Azeroths crust??? There could be a magical sun inside there, it would have nearly the same surface area as Azeroth, Azeroth is an egg after all, the sun could be like the real Azeroth itself… the Titan in a magical energetic aural state before materializing and hatching. Maybe the company invades Silithus kicking out the Cenarion Circle and starts scrapping the sword for cosmic metal for building a fleet of teleportation capable space ships. And there’s an industrial accident that blows a hole in the surface 800 miles wide and 900 miles deep into the Hollow Azeroth. The resulting ecological disaster causes a snowball Azeroth and everyone must evacuate to the wild interior where it’s still warm and the factions get all shaken up and remixed.

Of course there’s going to be tons of pvp content to! With four factions instead!

Elves. vs Humans. Vs Orcs, Trolls and Taurens. Vs Forsaken (basically homeless mercenaries being maintained by G.V.G.). And G.V.G. corp. (Goblin gnomes and vulpera).

I’m open to a better name for G.V.G. corp (who will be Blizzards new favorite faction).


Uhm… I have no idea what to do with the Dracthyr or dwarves. I guess they could be best buds with the Humans… oh… and the Dreanei. Well. Uhm. Lol. Idk.

Maybe I have to rethink this.

Maybe it’s everyone vs the gnomes, vulpera, goblins, and dwarves who are like kinda crazy and evil. They’re really not tho. So like they knew the sword was going to explode and tried stopping it. Got blamed for it instead and became the new "baddies faction ". Some of their leadership is really evil though!

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I was hoping they would revamp Outlands and Northrend.

Why would me and my fellow Vulperan do something like that? Don’t think there’d be any knick-knacks or treasure down there.

If they stayed true to it. Heck yeah. Especially outland. Zangermarsh! Blades edge! Yes plz!

Maybe you had a hard time getting to the end of my very TLDR post. I don’t blame u! <3

In the Vulperas case it was a combination of curiosity and recycling.

Who knows what is down there! An entire prehistoric Trogg civilization. Dark Gnomes. A civilization of fungi that basically hijack other lost offshoots of the topside races to do their bidding. Maybe it’s run mostly wild untainted by old gods, arcane, and titans. So the main theme could be everyone re-establishing their civilizations. For survival. And conquest of new lands. Lands without borders already firmly entrenched. Much PvP!

Vulpera are smart and curious and resourceful and helpful. They’d lead the way for sure along side Gnomes and Goblins even if they where wrongfully blamed for the resultant surface disaster. Why wouldn’t these three races form an exceptional dynamic trio? They are literally the three most intelligent and curious and industrious (resourceful in the Vulperas case) races on Azeroth.

The humans, dwarves, and elves have all had their time. Look what they’ve done with the place!