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Play horde if you’re weak and want easy time with numbers
Play horde if you’re strong and want total domination
Play horde if you have no honor to get cheap kills
Play horde if you have honor and you just want to fight more with same bloodthirsty people around (alliance tend to just run away if someone attacked near them)

Play horde.


I am an alchemist, I am quite aware of the cool down.
It was a use one or the other posting.
Most likely you wont make it on your first try but both along with the boots, will get you much closer than having neither.


The videos show like 5-10 Horde in an area. A good 5-10 man can oppose that.


Ally runs to BRM from redridge now? That’s a new one


It’s more complicated than that and you know it.

The server sizes exacerbate the problem. PLUS honor wasn’t implemented in phase 1 so people didn’t know what they were up against.

If they knew how toxic it would have been at level 20 they would have just re-rolled. It would have been better for everyone.

Blizzard screwed this up completely.


PLAYER created problem on every level. Blame blizz and demand they “fix it”. That’s all I see here. Moving on, wasting my time now.


keep going.

you’re now down to 8 deaths to get from TP to BRD!


Blizzard made mega servers. Blizzard didn’t open up enough servers. Blizzard didn’t implement faction caps. Blizzard opened transfers for the underpopulated factions. Blizzard didn’t reveal pop numbers.

Now if you mean a player made problem because Blizzard listened to short-sighted players screaming for mega servers because “OMG NO SERVER MERGERS!” (for Pete’s sake). Or players yelling “NO FACTION CAPS!” because they wanted to play with their good, good friends who won’t reroll after three days, then I see your point.


I’ve got a question for the “this is pvp” crowd. Large volumes of AF have left / will leave (hopefully we don’t have to argue about this) either totally or for pve servers. This is after all, exactly what you are encouraging. So ultimately you will have pvp servers with, for all intents and purposes, only horde in the outside world. Those horde will no longer be able to wpvp because there will be no one to kill.

Blame for rolling pvp or whatever aside, is that really more desirable than accept that some active measures should be taken by blizzard to encourage maintaining levels of the non-dominant faction?


It’s always the Alliance crying about PvP on a PvP server lol :smile:


if only there was some kind of PVE server, where you could bypass PVP… :thinking:
I guess there isn’t though so you better unsub.


what is your idea of Wpvp on a PvP server S.S. vs T.M. ?
If the alliance are going to PvE servers, then why didn’t they go there in the first place.
Again I say, these players re-rolling were never pvp players, they were retail dabbers who got a wake up call to a game they never knew.
Guess what, they will back here whining in the coming weeks when these dabbers start getting one-shotted by twinks in the BG’s.


OP wants Warmode added to Classic so he could turn it off and escape world PvP whenever he feels like playing single player.


One suggestion I have never seen and wouldn’t solve the problem but would greatly improve it is some kind of rez immunity. When you rez, from being pvp’d, you should get like 5 seconds of not being able to attack or be attacked. This way if you run into a douche bag gank squad you could at least have some small hope of escape. It won’t stop the gankers but it does give the victims at least something


I played on launch for several years, never played modern retail, never experienced the sort of one sided world we have now, because the servers were not mega servers as they are today - at its busiest, the world was still much less populated.

All that aside, it doesn’t matter what your definition of wpvp is if there are only players of one faction present. So again, my question is: Is it preferable to have no players of one faction present on pvp servers rather than accept measures to encourage the maintenance of the presence of players of both factions.


A server can be 10/90 and hordes will still say it’s balance get good. Just do what everyone doing and reroll horde and make low lvl toon to post on on fourms or even better the toon you quit use that to post and tell people to reoll pve or get good


This is 100% true and I cannot wait. Every I quit/unsub thread will turn into cries for xp for battlegrounds and separate ques for twinks.


The only measure I see around here are to further pve contents.
What measures does anyone think will further the desire for Alliance players to go Wpvp?
Would a balance server mean Alliance level 60 players manning and defending flight points?
Well I rolled on a couple of these quote-unquote balanced servers and still saw the same world defense alerts, that I get on mine.
Are the horde suddenly going to stop ganking BRD because 20 more alliance players show up?..I think not.
This is the reason why these particular players roll Horde, because they know they are on the aggressor side, well except on Heartseeker where I guarantee you, that these same Horde players have all rolled Alliance.

(Johnnyderp) #166

He wouldn’t have been camped if he was on a PvE server.

I really badly want to roll on a PvP server. I wanna gank people as much as the next person, but I also know that I level extremely slowly, which would put my arrival at 60 somewhere in my 60s.

So… sacrifices had to be made. In a way, I’m kind of jealous. Kind of bothers me when people whine about what they knew was going to happen because it always happens on a PvP server.

Also, what the heck made someone want to roll a priest on a PvP server? It’s like you’re specifically choosing to roll as a steak dinner in a Holocaust prison camp.


Yes, there would be a lot more AF out in the world if there were more AF in the world … also pretending horde is just what every superior player rolls is laughable. I’ve played horde before in addition to AF and the player bases are pretty similar.

Again, my actual question was ignored. Is it really preferable to have no AF on pvp servers than take measures to make sure the AF population is maintained? Seems like everyone’s answer is yes but no one will come out and say that they accept the inevitable result of just yelling at people to reroll / quit.