So this is normal? Unsubscribed


… Like what?


they song literally embodies blizzard forums


like faction specific server xfers.

  • Server mergers
  • Server creation
  • Cross-realm queues
  • Sharding
  • Character migration
  • Faction change
  • Guild migration
  • Guild faction change
  • Faction specific migrations

Some are voluntary, some are decidedly less so, with each having changed how people play and are aimed partially, or entirely, at handling population issues.

Were you really unaware of these things?


But we already have some of that “solutions” in classic.

Server creation: A lot of servers were created based on other full realms. Now there are enough servers.

Character migration: it’s on effect right now. Every time I have a small queue of 2 min the game offer me to migrate the character.

Guild migration: well, its character migration but massive, you can do it now.

Faction specific migration: To my knowledge it’s ON in few servers dominated by a specific faction.

They can’t put anything that goes against the spirit of classic or more people will come to complain. At the moment I assume they are on hold until the BGs release and they will take actions based on the situation after that. But it’s not like they aren’t doing anything.


I’m sorry maybe someone suggested this already but…if you’re going in to raid, and you have a huge group to raid with, why aren’t you guys meeting up somewhere else and going through as a group? Kick the s~t out of these ganking c~ts and you might have more fun.


Can I have your stuff then?


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Not at all, this is the typical experience on my server. (Skeram). I don’t blame people for unsubbing - the game just isn’t fun in its current state.

BGs can’t get her soon enough.


More of that “using your head” you were talking about.


I gotta admit… i spent most of this video cackling at it.

But yea, that’s rough.


I think people who scream about how evil server mergers are should play the underdog faction on a crowded PvP server. Because clearly the current situation is better than server mergers down the road. In fact eating 10 feet of rusty barbed wire is better according to some.

So crazy.


People complain regardless, and many of the above caused the uptick in complaints, notably free migrations that did not first consider factions until well after the damage was done. Further, back-end population shifts and transfers have next to nothing to do with the mythical “spirit of classic.”

I assume little with regards to something like this, especially when the common response is vapid “lul pvp happened” and numbers wane. I know BG release will be a shot in the arm for all server types, I expect a login queue that week if I don’t jump in early enough, but I legitimately worry that even with cross-realm BG queues, it will be bad.

Horde will likely still have much longer queues, giving them a reason to get bored while already in a PvP mood.

Alliance will likely have much faster queues, possibly near-instant, giving them less of a reason to venture out of the cities they already huddle in most of the time.

I don’t know how they’re grouping servers this time and how that respects (or does not at all) the current faction skews. So I’ll withhold judgment until after the 10th.

All of that being said… right now I would rather like to play my characters with the people I enjoy playing with. Not in another week+, right now. And right now, Blizzard has been doing nothing about it. That’s the problem. “Seeya in a few weeks” is hardly a solution.


This video is so staged


Why do you believe the video is staged?

Do you think he recruited players to come gank him?


This was me yesterday except not without scouting the area before I rezzed. Gg bad decision making.


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You are not looking to solve this issue yourself as every suggestion you have shot down, rather you just want to sit on your butt and whine at blizz to do it. I see. Have fun with that.


Then it probably gets corpse camped pretty easy, they don’t get around very fast.


Shared cooldown and invis pots have a huge cd

Any other tips?