So this is normal? Unsubscribed


edit: not my video


Videos? Yeah people post them all the time, just ignore them.


You unsubbed because of a video someone posted? I guess you really weren’t into the game anyway.


that’s definitely one of the extremes, but yes. that apparently is now normal and completely expected, and if you want just a fraction of reprieve, you’ll get some jackwagon telling you to go to retail. personally, i only use the burning steppes entrance nowadays, and i change up my route so im not completely foreseeable.

but yes, you have to die multiple times if you plan on doing blackrock mountain at any normal hour. cue the smarmy comments…


That music is atrocious.


At what point did you listen to the lyrics of that song and say “Yeah that will go well on the Forums”?


no that’s not normal, that’s pvp. f you want a normal server you need to choose it.


Name of track, please


Jesus is the one : Zack Fox


Normal on a Gankfest Server, yes. On a Normal Server, if you purposefully flag yourself, this will happen. But if you don’t flag yourself, piece of cake :cocktail:

(Leafblight) #12

I don’t get why you’re all complaining. It only took him 2 minutes to get thru the Horde.



There is a reason why engineering is so important on a PvP server.


I hate hip-hop too, but you don’t have to unsubscribe Classic over it.


Sadly yes.


Yeah that’s how it’s like on Sulfuras now. I’m trying to log out in front of MC before hand.


FYI. It’s way faster to get to PVE content on a PvE server.


what the F’ is that music that was the worst S’ I have ever heard, I would rather listen to the cats screeching.


I know man. 2pac and Biggie are both rolling over as we speak…




Haha I know, but not my video