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Imagine the mindset and thinking of those who think and say after watching this :
“This is pvp”
“Get good”
“If you cant handle this roll on pve servers”


I see pve servers becoming popular. Me personally, I see no reason for pvp servers except to draw a certain type of personality away from pve servers.


You mean people who for the most part think logically? All but the “get good” is valid here you just don’t like to hear it. This kind of crap is why players were whining endlessly about PvP servers in retail, and why blizz changed them all to PvE servers and added Warmode. I mean, hello?


Please get good and post a video of you as an alliance getting into BRM dying less than 5 times. No stealth and please if possible to see how good you are kill at least 5 horde enemies when they are zerging you. Then I will wanna be as good as you.


Please show me where I said anything about my getting into BRM unscathed. This is about PvP on a PvP server, imbalanced and outnumbered, and wanting blizz to “do something” about it. You’re looking for blizz to somehow magically solve a problem the players created instead of taking the obvious solutions that are there; reroll on a PvE server, wait for paid transfers, or go back to retail.


please calm down. They have BG’s and were tricked by neckbeards into not releasing them.


you dont want to play because of a video?then why should we care if you unsub?


“Man I saw this nasty wreck on the freeway and–”
lulz thats just wut happens when u drive idiot
“But it looked like they went into oncoming traffic, maybe a guardrail or–”

This is what you morons sound like every time.


Let me point out some stuff :

  1. This problem was created by blizzard when they overpopulated servers on Worlds designed for max 5 k players. If you think player density is not the main issue then I feel sorry for you.
  2. I got back to Classic because I loved world pvp back in Vanilla. What we have today is not that experience.
  3. PvE servers not my style
  4. I dont like retail.
    Any other magical ideas of you ? Still waiting on a Get good video.


Where its say that the world was designed for max 5k players? It could be for the server limitations of that time.

What you have its not that experience. Its working fine to me.

Good thing that there are pvp servers also.

That’s also an option.

  1. So you’d rather have a dead server when the tourists leave? M’kay.
  2. So you thought today’s players would play the same way they did in 2004? M’kay.
  3. That’s a you issue, it is still a valid suggestion since it seems that PvP is what you’re complaining about.
  4. Again, a you issue, it is still a valid suggestion.

I never said to get good, please show me where I did.

As for another magical idea how about yall try this: instead of running in one at a time have the whole raid go as a group and zerg through the handful of Horde in the area. By the time they can get reinforcements there to handle A WHOLE RAID GROUP you will be inside.


You see the problem is with this mentality. People like you think others are going to BRM as a raiding party. But most players are going there at 5 or 10 running instances and even if they will go in as 10 they will get massacred. Trust me some horde players are good, up for pvp, well geared and know how to take out even one or two raids. There are videos about this you can check it out.
Or there is this possibility. Maybe you are some celebrity and you can muster 40-50 players to escort you into BRM when you wanna run a simple BRD.


the boots, the friggin boots.


Placing some sort of adjustment or tuning on the now much larger server populations would have likely occurred in Vanilla’s time if the tech was available as player experience in relation to population sizes was a persistent issue Blizzard attempted to address across multiple expansions.

That you only see an alternative as “keep pop small, kill server” is a you problem.

At no point did they say players play the same.

PvP happening isn’t the issue. Reducing all PvP discussion down to just “PvP happened” is your own silly shortsightedness.

As valid as most Modest Proposals.

If I need to coordinate and gather an entire raid group to get my 5man safely into BRD, the time spent doing so will be dramatically longer than just getting there ASAP, deaths and all, so we can finally start.


Care to elaborate what adjustment were implement related to large population “across multiple expansions” and how it can extrapolate to the classic situation?


You might want to reread.


Yes… address how? I don’t find what they did that you think they need to do again in your post.


oh right, the boot. cause you’re not getting frostbolted / nova’d / net / hamstrung / wathever within a second of rezzing.


I said nothing of repeating a specific tactic, only that Blizzard has applied subtle and not-so-subtle adjustments to server population issues and player experiences. The Demon Hunter’s immediate go-to regarding substantially larger populations was silly and disregarded the many toggles and tweaks Blizzard has done and will continue to do to manage server populations.

The question isn’t whether Blizzard can, just if.


It’s almost like WoW gave you an option and created servers where you wouldn’t have to deal with anything like this unless you chose to…

You are funny,