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ITT: People who are clueless about game design


So the person in the video rezzes on his corpse over and over and over again, gets stomped and repeats. I feel like it was done on purpose. You have a rez radius, can use terrain to rez in an area not teeming with enemies. People are clueless.

There are TWO entries into BRM, try the other one if that side is being camped. People are clueless

There are multiple consumables that are fairly easy to make such as invis potion, fap, etc. People are clueless.

I just dont understand the point of this video, even in extremes its basically like the person has no idea.


I agree, this was a mongo video to push a narrative, probably looked over by Brian Stelzer at CNN.


The music playing made it much worse too.


You are all crazy, that song is hilarious.

It is possible to like both good music, and music that is bad on purpose in order to be funny.


If it walks like a duck… talks like a duck… then…


The song is clearly a comedy song. And a good one.


I want to gank that band.

  • He was rezzing at max range, its the only way he made forward progress.
  • The route between TP and BRM is completely open, and the hills don’t actually LoS spell casts
  • At one point the Horde are fanned out in the direction he’s going at his max rez radius, so the alternative is to go backwards into other Horde to find him or keep dying going forward

Morgan’s Vigil is scouted regularly on Fairbanks. You get the fun of an uneventful ride to the ramp, but the ganking begins all the same within a narrow choke point that is far longer to traverse than the TP route. Not to mention the run-back from the graveyard is so far that once you get close enough to the mountain, you ghost run from TP, not the Horde FP in Burning Steppes. The OP was lucky that no one was after him in the quarry area or camping the MC entrance, so this was definitely not a peak hour period.

“Hurr hurr people are so dumb, use consumables to combat people who aren’t using consumables and still die!!”

Brilliant. Free Action Potions certainly take the sting out of three Hunters, a Mage, and two Warlocks pelting you from range. Good thing no one has a reagent-free ability to detect invisibility either!

Too bad it is such a tough choice between dying to the Mage and Hunters because I used a Shadow Protection Potion or dying to the Warlocks and Hunters because I used a Frost Protection Potion…


What about them? It changes nothing. You CHOSE to roll on a PvP server now you’re complaining about PvP happening.

Either reroll on a PvE server where all yall whining clearly should have rolled in the first place, sit tight and wait for paid transfers to be added, or go back to retail.

(Phibbus) #95

Yes, this is exactly what the developers envisioned in 2004, music included.


All I see here are salty tears. These are completely doable workaround. All I see are excuses.

The terrain at BRM does stop spellscasts, ive done this myself. He did not have to rez moving forward, you can move over towards the ravine and make more headway as the majority of campers are just camping the steady stream of rezzers in the middle.

You can absolutely check the other side. Saying the “run is longer” and “its regularly scouted” are just ways of saying "we didnt even bother to check.

Consumables wont get you out of trouble, they are made to assist, not resolve. You are also posting on a druid, who should have ZERO problems getting into BRM.


Why are you people still complaining about this? Lol, you should have left weeks ago.


So you can’t actually address anything? Figures.

Good thing I didn’t say they didn’t. Also where exactly are you going to LoS people surrounding you in a hallway while melee classes are also present?

You mean into the giant open quarry in the middle of the zone? Oh boy! So he gets to add more travel time and still be unable to fend off any lvl60 Horde that are patrolling the area, die immediately, and rez from that direction. Fantastic!

I’ve stopped bothering with Morgan’s Vigil because the deaths avoided aren’t substantially less than coming from Thorium Point, and the time spent traveling is always more. Trying to FP bounce between TP and MV to check which is worse just adds even more time.

The entire point is speed. PvP disruption like this is just one big speed bump you need to overcome. Why would you waste more time trying to avoid it than just taking your deaths and getting inside the instance?

I have the privilege of being able to stealth but there isn’t any way past stacked flares in BRM short of popping out of forms, chugging Invis, popping back into Cat to hit Dash, and hope no Warlocks are awake or recently buffed anyone, all while hoping I didn’t reveal myself to anyone watching. And all it takes is a single death, one happenstance of someone with an epic mount rolling right over me, a random AoE, whatever, and they know they have a target to look for, and I’m in no better position than the poor schmuck who made the video. I can’t even make use of the one thing Druids are good at inside because of the “not outdoors” restriction.

There is no “git gud” against the numbers at play. Thankfully I don’t need BRM for anything anymore so I just don’t go to any 5mans. I’m actually logged right now at the MC entrance from my last raid, that way I can log in, join raid, probably instantly die from the 60+ Horde on the ledge alone, and then do a single death run to zone in.


all i know is thats one cool rap song


Yes unfortunately some people feel the need to post thier lame videos.


maybe server transfer if it is that bad just from my perspective after seeing what happened to the high pop servers my lower population seems like a good place to be


yes! that amazing invis clicky.

instead of dying 13 time he’d only die 11 time… if there’s on warlock with see invis waiting by.


you assume there’s no horde waiting at morgan’s vigil?


i saw the “high ranks” farming on my server just the other day.
I was in Burning Steppes and I was being farmed myself for the past hour. I suddenly find myself at the North questing hub, where for who knows how long, 3-5 ally have been camping the Grave Yard and hub.
I’m thinking to myself, “Oh so this explains why the rest of the zone is littered with horde.”
“Maybe that’s why the roaming 2 man just kept returning to gank me every 5 mins, they were were avoiding actual pvp and taking the easy kill of a guy doing the ony chain.”
I wasn’t alone*, as I was with a friend, but were not as geared as the MC pvpers