So this is normal? Unsubscribed


How the hell does one git gud vs 10 other players ya troll.


Trying harder?


You. Chose. To. Roll. On. A. PvP. Server.

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The poster I have quoted plays a Horde toon.


Hoping someone will take me up on this dinner or later. I like playing on a pvp server at times. I’ll pick you’re off you give me all your stuffs


What about the horde? They’re not going through this on all but 1 server


Typically there’s more than one other party member with me, and it’s never been Littlewayne.


I really wouldn’t care if your position was to give every WoW player $1 million dollars just for being subbed…attaching that reprehensible “music” gets me a NO vote on whatever platform you have come here to advance. If you are that shallow to be entertained by that trash then you likely got what you deserved.


If it’s on a pvp server, then yes, yes it is pvp.


Ok Pinocchio :lying_face:


Depends on your server. On Grob I don’t generally have a problem, but then being a Druid I can stealth. Gives me a bit of an advantage.

I never go through Thorium Point these days, though. Safer to use the entrance on the other side.

If it really bothers you just move to a PvE server where you can PvP when you want to and not have to worry about anything if you just want to PvE.


should i armory you? to actually grasp your “pvp knowldge” because im pretty confident i know what i will find there.,.


I would be embarrassed to like or make that kind of music.


One single guy running the thorium point gauntlet by himself probably at peak hours expecting to not get camped?

This problem is easily addressed a variety of ways but in your case what you want to do is behave like its a pve server and accordingly should have rolled on a pve server.

Frankly I gank people all the time in this area as an alliance rogue. The very target rich environment makes for alot of honor for me. By no means would I expect to make this run as a non stealth class, by myself, during peak hours, and not expect to get farmed.

Sorry to say but people were expecting the retail experience and it most certainly is not. Infact retail is closer to pve servers. You picked the wrong type of server for how you wanted to play and behave.


that’s perfectly normal, you’re walking through the path of death!

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Sure if you actually care, here you go.


I thought it was pretty good.


So instead of rezzing and going another way, waiting for backup, going to another area, taking another route. You decided to ad nauseam run the same path against the same 5 players camping you and charging into them endlessly and recording it to create a video?

This just tells me;

  1. You are a bad player
  2. You don’t know how to pvp
  3. You forgot this is an MMORPG
  4. You are not cut out for PvP servers


Pvp on a pvp server is normal, yes.


Just be glad Death Knights aren’t in the game, you’d have rezzes with negative progression.