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Well, you’re the ZERO deaths expert, so it would help a lot to see how you do it.

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If you can’t figure out how to ride from Redbridge to brm no wonder your having a bad time in classic, another brain dead retail player who can’t figure out anything for themself


I guess no video then?


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Na you’ll have to figure out yourself or keep death running from thorium point for 30 mins like the idiot you are.


Sounds more like you talk about ZERO deaths, but don’t want to make a video to prove it.


To the people saying “gO tO ReTaiL” F it I’ll go retail atleast there is new content there and I dont have to waste my precious time being ganked by a no-life 60 in desolace or stv, or waiting in a queue. Atleast retail is a little bit competitive in terms of pve and pvp, atleast retail has UPDATED GRAPHICS and cool effects, atleast there are tournaments sponsored by Blizzard, in Classic pve is a JOKE, pvp is even worse… unbalanced af, no bgs, late honor system (they needed to implement it from day zero) even if Bgs were out, everyone is gonna be burnt out after playing 1 or 2 days of AVs/WSG And after that what? BWL? Nax?PVE encounters that everyone knows, tier sets that everyone knows and that we have seen so many times before, nothing new, after classic what? We going to this boring and ugly af planet called Outland? are we supposed to be excited to experience talents that most of us experienced 10-12 years ago. I love pvp, but being ganked and camped by 60s in low level areas, being forced to play on a normal server just bc we couldnt level up to 60 before phase2 is stupid.


This is not an extreme rofl. This is daily life on skeram and many other servers


1: that song is the hottest fire.
2: that player in the video didnt even try to safely rez.


So, the guy just rezzes into a pack of Horde each time, not even trying to avoid getting jumped. When a ridiculous lack of effort honestly.


Lmao this song has to be the greatest thing that’s ever graced my ears


How is he supposed to avoid horde in an open field this comment makes zero sense lmao. Obviously he isn’t going to wait 10 minutes for the pack to move he’s got places to be it’s way faster to death march.


Wow OP thanks a lot for sharing


Ok. Enjoy.

This does not happen on a PvE server.

See - this is what playing on a pvp server teaches you.


And recorded it - im assuming to show us how active their server is. I must ask where are all the other Alliance group members they are going to run with?

I hang out in Kargath until the group gets close and we all roll in together.

Legitimate PvP server tactic. It doesnt happen on a pve server unless you choose to flag for pvp. PvE and or part time PvP players creating toons on a PvP realm are the epitome of what’s wrong.


It’s pretty silly to constantly reward campers by doing that. Yeah, play an alt for a few minutes then come back. Absolutely absurd to rez right in the middle of them and eat long rez timers.


One of the extremes? Reroll alliance on Herod and see it for yourself. It’s not an extreme; its literally everyday.


I’ve tried a few servers for my ally alts.

But the problem is they have no stuff! It makes me sad grinding for silver again to pay for spells.

Since you’re leaving, can I have your stuff?



I too after much talk of Heartseeker imbalance - created a horde rogue. Still yet to see an alliance ganker - level 7.


Welcome to the best Horde server! Don’t worry, there a plenty of honor nodes to farm in the 20-30+ zones.


Nice. I hope to see these 20 alliance for every horde i keep hearing about. I could even create YT content around it and make the big $$$$.


Lmao, just make sure you run solo straight down the main road into SW, preferably around level 48. Then complain about how it’s impossible to do PvE content and there being way too many Ally. Getting to the Blue Recluse should not be this difficult!

Title it something original, like “Decent into Hell”.

Watch it roll in $$