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You’re literally max level, how would you not know? :roll_eyes:

Also, why try and run from Thorium point? That whole side is horde lands essentially.

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Isn’t Herod a balanced PvP server?


“thats pvp” LMAO…dude…i dotn even need to armory you to find out the kind of …“pvp’r” you are lol


Aaah kids playing classic and cant choose a pve server


Reminds me of my afternoon in BRM today - goes both ways!


Saving this post so I can come back and edit it once my video finishes buffering / publishing.


Yeah, it’s kinda strange but I think it’s ok for them to say it, I don’t get it either.


The people saying “git gud” to a video of a 55 priest being camped by an ocean of 60’s are the epitome of what’s wrong.


Wait, 13 deaths, 33 mins at the end of the video! A new forum thread world record! :open_mouth:

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git gud could mean not flying into obvious slaughter and taking the back door instead.

Maybe “play smarter” would be more accurate"


I mean, if you’re going to run from Thorium point to MC which is running through the most populated Horde spots aside from Orgrimmar, yeah, that’ll happen.

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I get into brm as alliance on a server with faction imbalance with ZERO deaths, alI had to do was use my brain and a little common sense.

If your still to oblivious to figure out flying thorium point is a bad idea instead of spending extra few mins running from redridge I have no sympathy for you.


It’s the new normal and it’s quite frankly appalling. Faction specific queues please


When sarcasm is missed by another poster 🤦

I was making a reference for all the other people forum threads being more than 33 mins. Why I said a forum thread world record lol.


Yeah, they should have zigzagged or something…


Can we see a video of your BRM run?

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zig zag has nothing to do with it, your another idiot that misses the point completely.

Should have flown to Redridge and gone in BRM south entrance instead of flying into certain death then whining about it.

The only thing this video proves is that stupid people are stupid.

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I can make one if you really want.

Try it yourself next time.

Instead of death running solo from thorium point, try flying out to Redridge as a group, ride to brm together, avoid main roads, stick to the perimeter of the map.

Guaranteed you will have a fair easier time and avoid 90% of deaths.

Everyone says it is the game that has a problem, I disagree, it is the braindead players that can’t learn, evolve or adapt that have are the real problem.


Cool. Can’t wait to see it.

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Did you read anything else I wrote?
Any plans to try it out for yourself?

You seem to tunnel vision on the things you want to see and avoid replying to the things you don’t want to see.

Good way to stay in that reality tunnel of yours.