So, is this all the content we have

More tophats and coattails, ideally.

What is an example of a good zone in your mind?

Unless your raiding or m+, it feels super barebones.

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How do you figure? It’s new. There’s stuff to do. There will be new features. It took development time. Explain how it isn’t content?

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I really hope this “recycling old dungeons” isn’t going to be a long-term thing…

Last season of Shadowlands was fine with the recycled old dungeons… but that’s basically when the novelty wore off, it was supposed to be a one-time thing and it was appropriate given the intense content drought

Instead, they continued it into DF and honestly it kinda breaks the “immersion” factor of a brand-new expansion

We need to go back to “getting more new dungeons” as the expansion progress rather than this lazy “recycling old dungeons” they’ve started doing for late-expac content instead of adding new maps

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It’s not that expensive. When you look at costs of other forms of entertainment 14.99/month is pretty decent. You’ll spend more in a day just going about your normal routine. Even if you budget.

Of course, It’s pretty much standard. Think of this as a time to do old achievements or collect mounts, titles, Pokemo…Battle Pets. Or level up cooking and through a kegger.

One could, stop playing for a spell and play a different game. This year has been a BANGER year for releases. I’ve been playing BG3 and Stellaris. I may get back into a full run of all three Mass Effect games.

This could be your opportunity to step away from WoW and watch some TV shows you’ve missed, read a book you’ve been meaning too. Or whatever WoW has been taking time from. This is an opportunity.

Besides, Blizzard has been good this expansion with it’s patch cadence. That is something I find satisfying over all.

I got nothing for you my friend.

You’re bang on, I raid and m plus pug if I didn’t do that there isn’t anything else that would keep me interested.

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So you have never thought any zone has been good?

Man that sucks :frowning:

I agree. I normally come here to lurk, but it makes me lose hope for the future.

…Look, if $15 is expensive for you, you likely have IRL issues that you need to work out. That isn’t WoW’s fault.

Since when are cosmetics “predatory” or “scummy”? Every company in the industry has been doing paid cosmetics for over a decade lol.

Nothing could be worse than shadowlands

that’s right.
make it work or find another home.

Imagine being so self centred and just assuming I’m American and paying the American price.

I didn’t say I couldn’t afford it, I said it was expensive. Which it is for a subscription game that also is cracked full of mtx and each expansion providing less and less unique content and more and more minimal effort recycled content.

It’s so sad that young people like yourself just accept being bent over the corporate barrel and are happy to support such gamer unfriendly practices.

100% this.


$15 is only expensive for teenagers living with their parents with no job. $15 for hundreds of hours of entertainment every month is just about the best value you’re going to find for any video game.

A handful of pets and mounts, all of which are cosmetic, is not “cracked full”.

I’m assuming you haven’t played any other video game in the last 1-2 decades then. You should try them, some are pretty good, and pretty much every game in that time has had micro transactions.

It’s impossible to output good dungeons that fast. The current m+ system of using dungeons from the past is great, especially when they revamp the very old ones.

100’s? Lol

Absolute rubbish.

No it isn’t. Stop shilling and demand better.

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If I am not mistaken, they said something about 2 or 3 more patches, coming out at a rate of every 8 weeks. So you have 2 months of following a tree around and planting seeds and standing for 3 minutes…

And next patch the exciting new content will be following around a different, slightly recoloured tree, planting different coloured seeds and standing for 3.25min!

Exciting new content!

I guess we’ll see how retaking Gilneas ends up.