So, is this all the content we have

prob just a scenario type thing and thats it.

who knows if they even make it into a full fledge town/city

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Yeah, I’m expecting another Gnomeregan. I’ll be ecstatic if that isn’t the case, but it’s wise to be more cautious than optimistic when it comes to Blizz.

I would normally, gleefully agree with you, but the next patch actually sounds interesting. AI Bots so we can do solo dungeons. The Archives sound interesting too. I’ll probably be bored with it in 20 minutes, but something to look forward to is better than no hope. You can’t kill hope… LOL

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Will also have another Fated season, which will be fun as I enjoyed the first crack at Fated in 9.2.5. They hinted that Fated might be a bigger change than last time too.

Same here. Last week was so boring. Lots of fun now, but it’s all in raid/m+.