So, is this all the content we have

for the next year?

Other than some more recycled old content that you’ll call fated or some such?



Quit now.


They already confirmed there’s gunna be more patches this season


The true content is in the friendships we make along the way.


Gaslighting at it’s finest.



The next patch is already headed to the PTR and should be released in about 8 weeks. Not sure what’ll be in it, but I would expect more world events and things to farm.

Players: Blizzard should revitalize the old content and make it useful, there’s so much of it!
Blizzard revitalizes old content with huge overhauls
Players: Blizzard is lazy and reusing recycled content.

I honestly hope they don’t read the General Forums too much, this place is a load of garbage.


To be honestly this is literally one of the most important, if not the most important thing in WoW.

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You’ve already cleared the raid? Dang

Pretty sure Fated stuff is coming again

Someone, either Ion or Morgan, don’t remember which, said we’ve still got 5 3 patches to go.

2.5 will have stuff
2.7 will have stuff
3.0 will likely be fated.

And Prepatch will either be a part of 3.0 or maybe even 3.5 or its own thing.

Big true…

For me TBC will always hold a special place in my memories since I clearly remember the social fabric/community aspect of the game was still strong back then and honestly it was a huge part of the draw/addiction at the time

2004-2010 era WoW is the last time I remember having those “i cant WAIT to get home from work to log in” thoughts randomly popping up in my head throughout the day while at work, the game was so much fun at the time I would sometimes forget to eat dinner lol

Early og-era WoW was almost comparable to an addictive drug in it’s “potency”, it was really something else (those who played at the time will know what I’m talking about)… absolutely blew “modern” WoW out of the water :eyes:


no content at all when servers are down

Things most people didn’t actually say

Yeah, so recycled content following the same old formula.

Nah, but pretty sure it won’t take 12 months.

Fated is nothing but recycling stuff we only just got, and calling it “content”.

Prepatch isn’t content lol.


So… Sounds like you should stop giving them your money because nothing’s going to please you at this point.


Hope everyone who praised them for a whole season of Fated is ready for them to use it as a placeholder, disguising fewer patches


I still think they should remove everything except the Support boards.

They added events and a new dungeon in the last one, which sounds like content.

Yup. We’ll get a few more updates but don’t expect anything of worth there.

Wonder if this is the trend going forward for 1 yr lulls.

I have a lot of funny raiding stories I still laugh about with my friends from back when we actually played in Wrath. It’s wild how this game sticks with you.