So, is this all the content we have

This aged like milk, congrats.


I saw the news over on wowhead just now, looks like pretty fluff-y/trivial stuff like customizations and hair colors

I suppose we should wait for the final details though, since “Dragonflight Epilogues” was mentioned which implies some sort of additional questing/storyline content

…but even an additional questline/storyline is only like ~2 night’s worth of content (while the next expansion is still months and months away, “deep” in the year 2024), so who knows how it will all play out

If you consider more story quests and world events to be “trivial and fluffy”…there is no reason to wait for the epilogue. It will be the same thing.

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Lots of people feeding this one


It’s like milk that someone cast bloodlust on. Ages 30% faster.


Honestly one of the few cases where that phrase is true xd

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Probably, yeah. What were you expecting? :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Based on Blizzard’s response and the new thread they created about an hour after you made this one I would say no


/runs around the library wildly

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gr8 b8 m8 cant w8 for the h8

Haven’t you heard? Players love recycled content. That’s why the new M+ rotation is so popular.

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I know you meant this with sarcasm but the M+ rotation is legitimately popular.

I don’t know anyone who spends a lot of time pushing keys who would rather be doing the same 8 dungeons for 2 years.

Cancel and come back when there is content that you feel is worthwhile. There are no loyalty rewards in this game for maintaining a subscription.

Personally, there is a lot of content that I need to go back to within the game. At less than 50 cents a day, this game is one of the cheapest forms of escapism that I can find.

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I mean I don’t know how you define “a lot of time” pushing keys, but I can tell you as someone who got all the 20s in S1 that I didn’t really do any in S2 because I don’t want to have to learn new dungeons every 6 months.

If they’re going to insist on new stuff all the time, they could at least make new dungeons, though.

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Y’all…do understand that if you get bored of the content, you can just stop playing the game. Right?

Hey OP check it out

i hope this is good

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I’m not holding my breath, half the dungeons are recycled. Zone is already dead with that horrible follow the tree weekly quest.

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yep. do the tree weekly, and 5 seeds. and it’s done.

and only 1 campaign quest left.


Feels like such a waste for that entire zone for it to be follow the tree and plant five seeds a week.