So I just tried to do AV to see how its going

Not a point of contention in this thread. I am suggesting both sides get it. 40man premade AV’s for all.

Thats not an answer to the question though.

I am more likely to believe the other extreme will happen since they specifically removed raid queuing in Vanilla. But that is just speculation.

Sadly that is all we can do.

You chose the faction with the higher balance. Why should you have the same features as the underdog? While personally I dont care if horde can queue up for AV in 40 mans. But, I do love the tears when you guys lose… “but it was a premade”.

There are not supposed to be “underdogs” inside of a battleground though. The only intended bonus is faster queue times. How would you feel being the underdog faction and the Horde found a way to manipulate the system that the Alliance could not. I know its a hypothetical, but you would not have the option of segregating yourself from the pugs.

But that’s exactly it… I knew way before classic came out that I would go underdog faction for faster queues. I really wanted to go horde.

The only reason alliance can do it, is because of the short queue times. They aren’t using a mod.

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Pretty spot on description of most of the games these days. Also I have a sample size of about 30 games and about 2 of them were not like that.

You didn’t answer the question. And they don’t need a mod or addon to not use the system as intended.

I wouldn’t feel anything. I do know the horde having the option they would use it 100%.

You were so eager to segregate yourself out though. If you had such a miserable time then, how bad would it be if the Horde could force 20+ helmets into your random pug game…and you just had to accept it.

Yes. Happened to me actually. I was near the base gathering the wolfs at lvl 55 and I was threatened to be kicked out.

Thats a different deal, I have always felt that 50’s should have their own bracket so they can quest and do their thing.

The pve mechanics would play out way differently and lend themselves better to a 50’s bracket av as well.

I’ve not experienced the mage portals nonsense, and I spent a lot of time in AV.

The AFK issue has always been a problem in battlegrounds. In general, I’ll ignore it and focus on PvP.

The organization of PuG battlegrounds has also been something that can vary greatly, but again, this isn’t new.

I will say that the over all participation and moral of the Alliance has improved over the past week. This was taken from a sample size of about 12 AVs (4 of which were victories, and only 1 was 0 bonus honor.)

I’ve been saying this for weeks. If enough players, on both sides, asked for it, maybe Blizzard will listen.

When Horde faces an alliance Pug, I have to spam chat telling them not to farm you at the cave. Completely disorganized. We take everything, then actually wait 10-15 mins to get the bonus honor. We look for ways to maximize honor rather than actually pvp’ing.

Part of the Horde “advantage” here is that Horde pugs have a mixture casual and hardcore pvp’ers while Alliance pugs tend to be almost exclusively casual / solo players. So the Alliance premades screws the casual / solo Alliance player as much as it screws all of Horde.

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I hear you on most of it but this last sentence doesn’t compute with me. On average the random horde pug is more capable and willing to coordinate than the average alliance pug. Mixing in people like myself arent going to help the situation unless we happen to have greater numbers in any single bg than the “let them win crowd.”

There simply aren’t enough of us on this side of the fence.

I personally and I could be wrong, have come to the conclusion that premades no longer (games dont start 10v40) screw over the rest of the alliance. Discord is open for all and when it fills up. You just have to wait for a spot, otherwise nothing is stopping you from joining (maybe an epic mount, but if you dont have one you should be farming for one instead of pvp’n).

All I was trying to do was give him advice that of would keep him off the Horde radar. Killing the lieutenants would earn him and his team honor, since that is one of the main things people complain they don’t get. Second he specified another player capped that tower they fought by and the Horde dispatched a unit to get the tower back. If his small 5 man had gone for the tower first they would of gotten even less honor because we would sent at least a counter group of no less then 5.

When I am scouting I always call out numbers of Alliance at key position’s. For a PvE player I think more like a PvP player, maybe not, I seen some of them spouting out in and out of game. Regardless I try to be very tactically aware of what’s going on in the map, I study everything and look for weakness.

Why I don’t get invited to sporting events anymore, while everyone else is having fun I am just watching the field emotionless and finding counters, like in chess.
Probably why I don’t find fun anymore in anything, because I am trying to think to much and bordering a Vulcan outlook.

Removing everyone who cares from the Alliance pug pool is exactly how they ended up in the state they are right now. And nothing was done to address pugs getting mass reported if the accidentally find themselves with leader in a premade group.

Could get worse, Activision / Blizzard could just say we have had enough of the toxic behavior and close up Classic altogether. Yes they would lose some subs, most would go back to retail, and then no more issues to deal with. So we the player base have to act with what’s are best interest, keep pushing at the game designers eventually pissing them off, or help solve the problem.