So I just tried to do AV to see how its going

TL:DR Alliance has a real culture problem. I’d actually sign on for 40 man premade AV’s for both sides at this point and the removal or xrbg’s so we can start holding our own accountable. Is that too long for a tldr? who knows.

Anywho this was the result:

0-2 less than 100 rep and maybe 2k honor over both games.

Zone in instant trolling, mage portals go up at the gate, raid lead is spamming raid warnings about the consistency of his poop, people talking about how many of them or going to go afk in the mines or back at base.

2 Minutes to try and coordinate a fight, get a plan, something! Nope, just trolling and trying to see who can be the most obnoxious. These are the same cats who expect to lose their way to exalted so they can buy vendor gear and possibly get into MC pugs because they don’t like to actually form groups or working together.

I am sure I am not shocking anyone with this revelation but the average Alliance pug has no idea how to pvp or is interested in working as a group.

Let me give you one example. In the 2nd game, there was actually 5 of us who broke off from the main group and got to the LT’s with no deaths. clear em out start workign our way to the tower. Another cat rolls in dragging another elite up to us the one by the GY, drops agro and caps the tower. Archers arent clear yet, elite is beating on this druid, im oom and can’t drink. Doing what i can to keep everyone alive, but being oom and shadow isnt a good thing. Before too long horde come in and wipe out 5 of us lol. Smarter play would of been to kill everything, top off and get ourselves a defensible position but nope, due to someone working off script any chance we had at offense got wiped out.

Honestly at this point I think they need to move in the opposite direction and discourage people from solo Q’s and allow people to create full premades both sides. If you don’t, people like me will continue to shun BG’s entirely. (well except for the couple of nights we do WSG as a guild.)


That is the reason why I am now running with the premades. Pugs are a disease


That’s the asmongold effect for you.


Not good but how about an update when you get a larger sample size.

Hook a brotha up =P I need to find these groups of like minded individuals. I mean asking for a friend.

You dirty rotten sadist you.




Yes they are.

Xrealms were a mistake. Just like they were in Cata.

Galaxybrain blizz.


Just take PVP out of the game at this point. Let’s be honest, Blizzard neglected PVP from the very launch of WoW itself. Alliance have a culture problem, Horde have a culture problem. It’s the same crap. Horde loses their sht on Alliance because they are doing premades. Alliance loses their sht on Horde because all they do is turtle and make hour long games. Horde tells Alliance to reroll to avoid getting camped in WPVP, Alliance tells Horde to reroll because their queues are too long.

Don’t you see? This is a WoW Community problem.


Sorry Pained, but the smarter play would have been to take the GY and wait until it caps. Defend that and use it as a base to take the next GY, the towers, and the LTs.

If you do the LTs and towers first you’re setting yourself up for the enemy to have a quick place to rez and get to you. When one of you dies you’re very far away and can’t reinforce.

This is why we tend to fail so badly, focusing on the short term of killing stuff in front of us and getting honor rather than the longer term of creating defensible positions to venture out from. That and not turtling closer to our base to give the forward people time to do these things.

I totally agree on the rest of your post. People are just too random and not focused enough to do anything of substance in group PVP. It’s like herding cats.


I’ve yet to still lose an av, even with your premades running. These are not the premades of old, they are just a conglomerate of people. Only differnce this time, is horde are now queuing as 5 man death balls. Sometimes you get an entire av comprised with them, each assigning a mark to each group to stick with each other.

The thing is we all work together as one now, because we understand what to do, and how to exactly where to stop you. To the point where we sit at your cave spawn till 30 mins for the bonus honor.



If you PUGed you would know that the horde will send back 10+ as soon as any backline gy or tower gets capped. They even retake snowfall now. To hold snowfall you need a decent sized grp and it doesn’t happen in the PUGs now because of all the dead weight (horde can safely send back 20+ and still pressure onward since so much dead weight).

You can safely kill LTs and commanders with a small grp. For some reason some players think they have 20+ and a premade and rush rush rush! lol


Exactly why alliance starts at a disadvantage. Horde doesn’t need SF gy to do lts or balinda. Alliance have to cap SF gy and by then horde has one or two towers capped and balinda dead.

Sure, I do PUG AV and I see that.

This is why I tell people to cap a GY in groups of at least 10 and stay there while it caps. The rest of the team should be about 15 on defense using the IWB/SHGY choke point, a couple in DB doing some quests/preventing a back door and maybe 5 harassing around the map and providing false alarms and distractions to get horde off their game plan.

Of course the way it usually goes is groups of 5 or 10 spread out all over the place, taking things and then abandoning them. Wandering around and chasing after shiny things. Very little coordination, focus, or defense. The main plan now is to kill some of the named NPCs and get a bit of honor before losing.

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On my 60 alt who’s in a mix of good blues, few epics etc. I’m 0/32 with Alliance pugs.

It’s literally that bad. We get 4-10 afk every game. EVERY GAME.

People without mounts. My alt has a slow mount so won’t join premades. But I’m talking about people with no mounts and no travel form.

Lowbies, people with greens who are sub 55 who just do nothing.

Nobody turns things in, helps with quests or functions as a group. Summoning Ram Riders or the Druids can break a Horde blob. Yet those who would actually be best served questing to get us these things going are on the front lines dying stupidly.

A few games we actually were close to winning, Horde terrain exploits and backdoors to get at Van. Alliance cannot push into Horde base with defenders like Horde can with Alliance defenders. Horde simply have time on their side. So pugs cannot compete.

I’ve gave up winning on pug AV and instead just focus on fighting, turn ins and getting rep. 30v40 AVs are simply unwinnable.


I agree too many are not good but one or two doing quests near DB is not bad. They can take the mine and grab supplies and they can get rams. If someone also grabs 25 hides then you’ll have the ram riders which help a ton. The mine supplies are a good boost too.

The main thing is to have a good defense at IWB and SHGY. If you can hold the enemy there then a strong forward force has the time to cap GY and advance.

But people don’t play smart. They cap stuff and don’t defend it, they go after stuff that won’t help a win, they wander around in small numbers and get farmed.


Cap towers they cannot defend, pull mobs when nobody is healed yet. That kind of thing, if you’re sub 57 and a melee class, go grab rams, supplies from the mine etc. There are 60’s who will kill the wolves and turn in, along with storm crystals etc.

If our lowbies did quests then there would be little issues. The games would be 50/50. We broke a horde blob with the druids because people marked and healed and buffed them. We did pretty well until people started being dumb.

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I don’t have exact numbers, but I haven’t won a solo or 5 man queue since change. Have had several games with 0 bonus honor, aside from the losing bonus honor.


Yep, the mounted troops and the ground troops are amazing for a push. It’s too bad people don’t go for them.


It frustrates me to no end because those quests are there for lowbies. The troggs and rams are like 52-54. Weak, if you’re a melee class you can chew through troggs easily, gather rams etc.

Pushing with the mobs works so well. That’s why they’re there for!


We also have 4-10 AFK every game. Trust me it ain’t 30v40.

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