So I just tried to do AV to see how its going

There is so much wrong in this statement it isnt even funny. AV shouldnt be a watered down PvP version of Retails LFG and Raidfinder. I am not obligated to carry people through pve. I am certainly not going to carry people who dont want to try in pvp.

Simple as that. They aren’t trying so, I can’t help them.


We dont need to be godly in pvp to win in pvp. 15 years of pvp and once horde organize we always beat the alliance the only bg that horde loses is isle of conquest.

AV is a horde bg even in retail yeah alliance will win but come AV weekend you can forget it.

Honestly I feel bad for the alliance because the so called premades think they are gods in pvp but still lose to the horde.

Except with CRBG it is supposed to function exactly like LFG/Raidfinder, which is why there was such a huge backlash to it. You cannot tell me that the methods being used now to create preamdes were ever possibly intended, especially for only a single faction.

I understand you loathe them, and that you dont feel like you should be anywhere near them…but I find it impossible to believe that this is how Blizzard intended the game to be.

How so? I started last night premading and I haven’t lost a game. Horde are not beating premades, not at the least. Keep telling urself otherwise.

Horde have not been dominate faction… Im exalted with WSG w/o even premading. I’m willing to bet I have a 80% win rate. Horde are far from gods of pvp. Is it the pvp faction? yes, I will agree to that, more want to pvp and actually try to win.

Actually pollz alliance probably like xrealm bgs it allows them to create those premades. Imagine the que times.

No we don’t… 99% of them absolutely hate CRBGs.

U just havent ran into the right horde group yet in av. Dont worry u will. I dont care about your win percentage in wsg. Alliance turtle to win in that bg it’s the only way they can win.

Enjoy your premades while they last I’m sure blizz will fix them again.

lmao… alliance turtle in WSG… LMAO! Thanks, for that laugh. Always an excuse when proven wrong.

I look forward to running into the right horde group in av and I highly thought blizzard will fix premades again, since they didn’t try to before. LOL

The only true way they can fix it is to get rid of CRBGs. You think they are doing that? LOL, some more.

I recognize this tone. You sound like one of the cave trolls I was talking about earlier. I mean, sorry/not sorry because this is what i heard. Biting comments meant to belittle and demean people.

I will admit i was biased going into my lil field trip in the name of science and when I left it any preconceptions of how bad it was only worsened.

If you must/want to do AV even if they come out today and said premades are bannable, I would risk the ban and do it anyways before trying to pug to achieve anything.


And your win percentage doesnt matter in av either since u just pve the bg I’m sure. So get off your high horse. If I was an alliance pug I would thank you and say good riddance to another person that is an elitist in a game. That’s what killed retail gear score and raid io bs.

And the mentality of players like you.

The patch on Tuesday was described as

I can most certainly imagine ways to stop premading that is way more blunt.

I can imagine why the average Alliance pugger has a chip on their shoulder, months of empty lobbies. Month of being belittled and mocked. Being mass reported for any reason or no reason at all. That I can imagine.

I cannot imagine insulting a group of people because they’re not as good at a video game than you are.

News Flash: the premades are rush to drek strategy anymore… maybe the marshal’s one are. I dont know I dont run with them. But the ones I have run, after going after objectives and absolutely destroying horde any opportunity we get.

Look up my history I am for from an elitist. But I am a pvper that wants to win and not waste his time with this current patch of alliance that have zero idea what is going on… zero!

No, they are bad because they waste time and only give honor. They do nearly nothing to help you win, kill them while you’re waiting to cap a GY.

I don’t think that was meant to be true but that is how it appears to be playing out. On the backlash to CRBG yeah, it is really hard to deny the negative impacts it is having on the overall playability of BG’s. I honestly don’t think it is worth leaving in place anymore to accommodate over stacked servers with huge imbalances.

Like I said, it is so bad I would honestly risk a ban before pugging AV again.


I doubt bans will go out. But I do think a much more blunt, and ham-fisted fix than the one that came out a week ago.

Stop it dude, just stop it. I was part of the pug for over a month. The only real issue was the games starting 10v40. The other stuff was fixed by blizzard.

When someone steps forward to lead. No one listens, and or tries game after game, after game. That made me go out and seek out premades.

I’m waiting on a friend to log on before we hit up some premades and guess what 3 pug games and yes, 3 pug games that NO ONE DID ANYTHING. Yeah, no I will not continue to play the game that way at all.

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So, is it okay for your side to have that option…but the other side not to?

Me either, I am just trying to add some depth to my outlook on the state that is AV in it’s current form. It really is that bad.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, WE HAVE A WINNER PEOPLE!

The real reason horde are salty. I am so glad you finally said it.