So I just tried to do AV to see how its going

Please - I tried for 2 months to lead and only 1 game people actually listen and we got Drek to 5% before we lost. CRBGs has to be one of the worst ideas ever… you can’t change carebear’s attitude or pve heroes. Why am I force to play with them? I want to win, yes even in pugs or if we lose at least put up a fight. Not give up before the gates even go up? Stop f king queue’n up and wasting others time.

That was the Hordes attitude during the premade team era. Oh look another premade, ok boys try to farm as much honor as you can before the match ends in 6-8 minutes. Then yell “Recall or Requeue”, and yell at everyone that did not recall and kept chasing.

Thanks for sharing what happens in the ally PUGS Pained. It is interesting that allies announce they are going AFK. We have many AFKers horde side but they do not announce it or the group would kick them.

I spend a time looking for high value kills in those “easy” games. It is very common to see a small group of allies who has broken off hiding behind Galv and killing the LTs and Commanders. I normally try to take out their healer to be honest but your story makes me feel a little bad. It’s a battleground though.

Horde AV pugs have kind of grown on me. I hated all the cross server trolls at first but a lot of the cross server players are good people. The morning games at like 6am are my favorite. They are mainly high rankers who are playing 20+hours a day and they know what to do. The ally aide would probably be like this too if much of the population hadn’t broke off to premade.

Why on earth should any of them have listened to you? Premades have been forcing nearly empty lobbies for months all the while insulting them like you continue to do.


I wasn’t playing premades in the beginning. I just started last night… look at my history buddy.

Im insulting them now, after what over a month of trying to pug. at least 5 afk’rs per game, 5/10 people that have zero idea what is going on, another 5/10 that dont give a sh1t. Do the math… no wonder pugs fail 100% of the time.

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Then why should they have listened to you? Even when the Horde is steam-rolling, you cant get anyone to do anything together.

That makes so sense… why should they listen to me? because I am trying to lead and change the pug mentality. So, let me get this right, we’re damn if we try to lead and damn if we don’t. smh


Check out Twitch for addons, super easy, searchable interface.

39 other people all think they know how to win the game. Why should they listen to how you think they should win over a whole raid’s worth of other people’s opinions?

I give up… and that’s the reason why some of us are running premades, because 40 people with equal desire to win. Thanks, for making it clear.


So in the span of 1 night you were okay going to the community that openly mocked you and forced you with nearly empty lobbies…and calling the group you just left a disease?

actually yes, I have a 100% win rate and most importantly my sanity back.

They never mocked me and I called pugs a disease. Because for over a month I have been pugging and notice it first game.

Woof. And all it that it cost was some dignity =(

I don’t think u have your sanity back. It’s a game

Would it be better for you if I had gone horde? Please, dignity in a game… that’s hilarious. No, what it took was me wanting to rank up and not waste my time.


Horde? Faction has nothing to do with being a decent human being.

No, please if you saw first hand how terrible alliance are in pugs. You would understand. You think the horde winning 100% is because you guys are so godly in pvp?

I am not calling a whole group of people a disease…and happily so.

Pollz - I used to think you were cool. Used being the operative word there.

That is a loss I will have to live with.