So are you guys fixing the NVidia issue sometime or what?

I don’t believe this is Blizzard’s issue to fix. Hear me out before you lynch me…

I fixed my problem this way…

  1. Uninstall NVIDIA driver 425.31 or any driver previous to 430.39
  2. Reboot the PC after uninstalling even if you aren’t told to do it.
  3. Download and install NVIDIA driver 430.39 using the CLEAN INSTALL method in the driver installer (important).

My problems went away and WoW behavior was returned to normal levels for me. Good luck. If the above steps don’t work for you, and if you don’t keep much on your PC but games, do a reformat/clean install of Windows and then load the new NVIDIA driver above starting at Step 3.

For good measure and less problems, you should always select “Custom” NVDIA driver installations and check the “Clean Install” box in the list of options.

Good luck

(I can confirm this works on RTX 2070’s in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit as that is what I’m working with)

Just to report back after a week, I’m still using 419.67 and the freezing hasn’t returned. It seems like Nvidia has just released a new driver so I might give that a try. If the freezing comes back, I’ll revert.

Edit: Nope, freeze comes back. I’m rolling back to 419.67 again. Let’s hope Nvidia fixes this sooner or later.

I’ve a 1050 ti and NVIDIA recently updated their drivers. I was having the same issues with the random freezes before I updated them. They seem to have been resolved (knock on wood) so far.

Thanks for the updates y’all. This is something we’re still looking into but glad to hear that the issue looks to be resolved with some driver changes.

I too have the NVIDIA and the game is pretty much been unplayable for me over the past few weeks. When casting a spell, I constantly get stuck in that position and ultimately time out.

What can I do to get that scan of my system specs to determine what changes I might be able to make on my existing computer?

Follow these steps from my post above, #110

Hi Draperon

Go ahead and start your own troubleshooting thread. On your new thread detail the issues as best you can. The instructions for the system report you mention can be found here:

The second section of page has DXDiag report instructions - we don’t require the MSinfo report.

That will be a wall of text. If you have issues pasting on the Forum here go ahead and put it up on Provide the link code portion of the URL - example below.

(The green bold portion of the link:**Qk28Ed1P**)

Provide that link to the DXDiag report on your new thread.

I was able to solve this issue for myself by disabling all my addon’s.

It’s either handynotes, DBM or details. I’m currently using recount with no issues.

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Good that you fixed it, but that’s another issue entirely. The issues listed in this thread occur with or without the presence of addons. It’s a bit different, although they produce similar effects. The driver issue being discussed here affects games other than wow as well. Thanks for your info.

Installed -
Version: 430.64
Release Date: 2019.5.9

Playing around for the last hour or so and have yet to experience any stuttering/lag/etc.

Day 2 - I’ve done some battle grounds, faction assaults, and a few 5 mans, all while running both my accounts at max settings at the same time. At least 6 hrs play time total and have yet to re-experience the video stuttering/lag issue. For now, for me, looks like the latest driver resolved the issue.

Edit #2:
Issue is not resolved. Somehow, someway, I have no idea how, the stuttering/lag issue has returned. I first started noticing it while I was doing an invasion on one account while having an AH toon logged in on my second account. Now I’m experiencing the issue regularly in a variety of scenarios.

I’m using DX12.

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Are you using DX 12 or DX 11 Legacy or DX 11?

I installed 419.67 and all was going fine until I started doing heroic 5 mans on my new 120… thought the screen freezes were gone :’(

I’m on 430.64, just installed yesterday, using DX 11 Legacy and the problem actually seems to have returned. I hadn’t had an issue in a while before that. Not sure if I should try downgrading or what now. :confused:

Same. I rolled back to 419.67 - did no good.

So today I went to 430.64 - did no good.

When I downloaded the 430.64 update I made sure to leave off GE Experience, because of the info here that it carries a lot of unwanted “baggage” which would interfere with gameplay.

Sorry - I haven’t read all the comments so if I’m repeating this question, please excuse me, but is Blizz in contact with Nvidia about this? MY GT1050 works fine with everything else, so it’s gotta be one, the other or both together, right?

I’m afraid to ask to group or get into multi-player mode because I never know when my screen will freeze.

Some kind of update on progress would be nice.

I resolved it by just going to DX11 instead of 12. Not like 12 did much of anything anyway in WoW and it lets me use ReShade again.

DX 12, but I tried DX 11. It didn’t help.

I thought it was just me!!! I searched all over Google looking for recent threads about this issue. It has happened at some EXTREMELY inconvenient times. Game randomly freezes as if it’s going to throw a not responding error but instead, it throws me back to desktop and pops back up again. All of my hardware is overclocked so I figured something was throttling. Ran stress tests for 2 days and regularly monitor my temps…all good on my end.

Surely we can’t all be experiencing isolated incidents??? I mean it was never an issue before the latest patch.

I’m still having the same issues. with lag hits then it dropping to desk top back then back to game. it’ll auto go full screen out of no where when I play in windowed mod normally. DX12 980TI GPU

Update: I’m on the most current version of Nvidia drivers and running a Windows Preview Build. I get the freezing until I restart Windows Explorer. The freezing vanishes.

I’ve submitted a few bug reports to Microsoft, however at this point it looks to be windows explorer related.

Hey all,

This thread has way too many different issues in it right now. We’re closing it down, since the directx12 crashing bugs we were previously investigating on our end in this thread appear to have been resolved. At some point this thread also got some unrelated issues thrown in as well like reports of FPS stuttering, etc. To keep an eye on any currently active issues, or troubleshoot any problems you’re currently having, check our known issues and common troubleshooting threads and post your own thread if you need help.