Slime Cat NOT LFR what the heck

Ehhh… I doubt it. It took me a day and a half. Nathria took like 2 hours. SoD like 4 hours. Sepulcher took like 6.5 hours. Mind you many of the players in the last minute pugs just came back for DF and were seeing the raids for the first time, myself included.

Depends on the group. My group steamrolled Sepulcher in about 2 1/2-3 hours, Castle is an easy 1-2 hours tops, SoD maybe 3?.

I guess you are right, even at max speed, not enough time xD

My group was doing so poorly on Sepulcher. We had several really bad players. We got to Anduin and wiped several times and the raid lead said they had to kick the worst players or we just wouldn’t finish. It took like 5.5 hours just to get to Anduin. Then after kicking the bads and inviting a few of their friends we finished the last 4 bosses in like 1 hour lol.

I think people who get FOMO over silly mounts are the ones that need to sit down and think long and hard about why it matters to them so much. It’s not really FOMO if they had ample time and opportunities (often 6-9 months) to accomplish things.

You could have always, I dont know and hear me out on this, read the achievement.

It sucks, but Blizz doesn’t care lol I got a 3 month ban for calling a Blizz person out for responding to people making random comments, but not to people having issues with this lol.

Blizz doesn’t care about people that can’t do raids.

What I’m saying is though for years people bought carrys for these end of the expansion normal difficulty mounts. For years it’s been 1 boss and you get the mount. This change is clearly designed to make boosting it much harder because of the time constraints of scheduling 3 whole raids. But as always boosters find a way. When I first came back the whole set cost about 900k about 4 to 5 Wow tokens and now it’s as low as 300k so a out 2.

All I’m saying is if this was there intended result they failed, because it didn’t stop paid carrys. But you know what would? LFR.

Read above comment.

Problem mostly is they didn’t fix the achievement until after live that LFR would be excluded. They had it saying any difficulty before.

Wow, the raid leader was super nice to give them the chance and suffer through it with them until it wasnt possible anymore.

Okay? I did before I wrote my comment.

It was there day one of the patch, it might not have been on the PTR i dont know. But, this guy posted this 15 hours ago.

This raid showed how important EVERYONE’s role is. Some fights that were hard in previous, you could brute force. But Anduin specifically said “NO you WILL pay attention!”

I experienced this a few times helping friends out. I brought this hunter, even with my dps, we couldn’t push past it because half the people didn’t want to do mechanics.

At least the raid lead replaced people. I’ve flat left runs because they keep hitting the wall and don’t want to change anything.

They said the week prior it wouldn’t (they said July 28th). But the hotfix for the achievement happened like Wed/Thu of week 1 (week of August 2).

No excuse for why they didn’t fix it between April (initial datamining of 9.2.5/fated/veilstrider) and their post in late July though. Had they fixed it in May people wouldn’t have come to the obvious conclusion they thought based upon the wording.

Yeah it was a really nice group. I went in their discord eventually. I was actually getting really irritated like half way through. I wasn’t naming anyone, but I was doing these raids non-stop over the weekend (and gearing my character for a couple days before that) and some players would immediately die on every single boss and I was getting impatient. We just kept wiping often due to not meeting dps checks. You would explain things and they would still do them wrong. I was new too. I was almost surprised I wasn’t one of the players who got kicked just because I was complaining, lol. They maybe agreed but were too nice to put it the way I did.

Sorry, I was responding basically the same thing to the other person. My apologies.

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Yeah dude was late to the complaining party yes, but it is still a known slight to players regardless.

Yeah, if they had wording concise from the beginning, there would have been limited outrage. People like OP here would still be mad, but if they hadn’t had that from the PTR I know I wouldn’t have cared. It is the fact they had people excited to get to do it too regardless of how they can play…then for no real reason getting pulled away that actually got me ticked at them.

Yeah, I couldnt do that. Those people would have been gone after the first boss. I just dont have the patience with people in this game anymore.

And then it’s still a waste of time, worse than pugging a normal quite often.

You are soo very late on this man. We have known about this for months…