Slime Cat NOT LFR what the heck

Excuse me it was two battlegrounds tyvm!

I think I got the cloak on 5 chars.

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I forget how many cloaks I got but I know I took a break from the game after those. I actually burnt myself out with the number I did.

I only started during BFA. Was this from MOP?

LFR is story mode. It shouldn’t count toward any meta reward IMO.

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Yea, MoP. Man, it was hilarious. Watch the forum, players will rage over almost anything. Watching the chaos is half the reason to even read the forum.

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pretty much sums up this thread up the moment I saw it.

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Oh I do. The first time I saw this thread I thought someone had necroed it from August because slime cat was the big whine for that month. I’ll certainly be watching it tomorrow because patch or expansion launches are always good entertainment. :wink:

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Achievement was available since Tuesday, August 2, 2022

It’s been out for almost 4 months and you wait until the day before DF launch to complain :rofl:

If you’ve been given the opportunity in this case (4 months) it’s not up to the company to hand hold every player to make sure they don’t miss out.

Personal attacks followed by more personal attacks, the point you’re trying to make is outshined by your constant off topic personal attacks. :man_facepalming:

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I hadn’t run a non-LFR raid in current content since Uldir (didn’t run many LFR either since then, lol).

Did Nathria and SoD yesterday, Sepulcher today. I did it all on a character I started less than a week ago.

It was definitely hectic but for how much time they gave for it, it would’ve been easy to do over a longer period. Just trying to cram it like a mad man in a couple days wasn’t fun.

Anyway, it would’ve been very easy to do since you don’t need to do the entire raid at once. You can just do a few bosses here and there. You just left it until too late like I almost did.

There are 100s of mounts in WOW and you can only ride one at a time. What’s the big deal? It’s just cosmetic

What does this thread have to do with M+ players?

If they made it LFR it would actually revive LFR and stop people from buying carrys. It’s clear that spliting it into 3 metas they were trying to force players into actually attempting the process, but all it did was hike the price while not stopping the boosting. It now costs two to three tokens instead of one. What value!

Jokes aside I don’t see why adding LFR into these last minute fomo achievements are a bad thing. But maybe I’m wrong in wanted players to participate in a system already in the game that is dying as a feature.

Everyone would have it if it was in LFR and it wouldn’t mean anything. Same as the deathwing mount that is probably the best looking dragon mount, but people don’t like to use it since it was a participation trophy.

The thing blocking people from raiding has nothing to do with skill. It is because people don’t like studying fights. A lot of people absolutely hate active learning. It’s a mental/emotional thing, not a physical one.

as somebody with a job and 2 families i will agree with you that normal raids are really scary

You have my sympathy, OP. That is rough. There was no shortage or disgruntlement about the lack of slimecat for LFR a few months ago but it has faded away. Easy for any latecomer to miss the new.

Shhhhh don’t tell them xD

LFG as well. There were countless runs EVERY DAY for each raid before they opened it up to all three in one week.

Even now. If they REALLY cared, they could spam normal and get it before the xpac launches in a few hours xD

It’s been 17+ weeks since they put out the hotfix change about this.

You had 12 weeks of official season 4
And almost a full 5 weeks of prepatch

To run normal for the slime cat.

You can’t come in on Sunday night/Monday morning aloof of all info an expect to be done with all fomo in one day. That is infeasible.

I don’t care if everyone has something. It’s clear what they were trying to do by splitting in 3rds. They wanted to make it unboostable. Because before this it was a simple kill one boss on normal or above get a mount. And everyone who bought a Wow token had those as well.

I just think this type of fomo is stupid.

People buy carries for more difficult fomo they can’t readily do on their own or realize that it would not be cost effective to do on their own. I guarantee with a stable guild group of likeminded friends logging in with 80-90% participation, alot of people can finish most if not all of heroic. Certainly normal.

People will always by mythic carries if it has rewards in it.

Fun in LFR was detected and they watered it down to nothingness like so many systems in this game. One day I’ll get bored and make a list but right off the top of my head: PVP, LFR, archaeology, pet battles, gold farming old raids, leveling in Korrak’s…