Slime Cat NOT LFR what the heck

I watched a video and thought we could get the slime cat, I spent all day and half the night getting pugs through LFR, I completed all the rate in FATED, only to FIND out that BLIZZ dont like LFR,

Let me explain LFR, I dont spend my life in WOW, so it hard to find 25 people to go raid all the dungeons in 1 day. I have two jobs and a family. but this weekend I had a day off and really wanted this mount.

LFR was made to help people raid, and because I dont spend all day with guild or spend all week, and recently just moved server to play with my brother and friends. So a new guild.

Blizz not allowing LFR for mounts just means two things
1 Im soooooooooooooooo disappointed that I spend all day, raiding, and due to blizz not allowing casual players drops,

Just means I will never play LFR and maybe never raid in guild.

and when the fun run outs I will never play wow again.

Thanks Blizz you just game me another reason to quit wow

Blizz if your not gonna Support LFR please remove it so poeple that done, LFR dont get screwed, some people like me don’t spend all life in forums and online we dont get all the info.

So Damn (censored Censored Censored) mad, I could (censored censored censored) this damn computer and uninstall wow.



Brother, you posted on an Evoker. You’re not really good at this quitting thing are you?


you don’t have to complete them all in one day to get the mount

you’ve had MONTHS to get the slime cat

you also don’t need 25 people. i watched some friends run through all three fated raids in a few hours today with a raid varying from 10-15 people as folks joined and left


We’re going into a dragon expansion and you’re crying over a damn cat.


Just do Normal. Normal is extremely easy, especially at this point. You really don’t need to be particularly skilled or geared or anything. Just go for it, you can still get it.

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And I did it in a day.


you’re joking right? that’s been out for a long time -

my advice properly read up on how things happen so you don’t waste your time -

it’s very clear that the mount is normals, and the title is heroics


plus it doesn’t even fly… huge letdown imho


It usually isn’t a bad idea to research things just to avoid potentially wasting time. I know that I’ve jumped into things without realizing that I wasn’t where I needed to be.

One doesn’t have to do all the bosses in one sitting, one day or even a week. It’s just one kill of each boss on normal (or higher) during season 4.


That is most unfortunate.
I would have been more then happy to run normal raid with you.
However dragonflight is tomorrow so im saden to say time is up :frowning:

Sorry, but save that drama for your mama as I’m calling B.S on this. If you knew about the slime cat mount then you knew it required normal fated raids as it was impossible to know of one without the other. But even looking past that bit of bull, you’ve had almost four months to get that mount and you knew the next expansion was launching tomorrow. Don’t come crying on the internet because you waited last minute.


Imagine waiting until the last day then complaining.

I’m the main character syndrome.


Thanks, just wasted a day, and was so hopeful, I hit that last milestone as was excited that I would get a unique mount, then I fid out Blizz didnt offer it for LFR, I’m like why not, whats it gonna hurt, doesnt blizz want people to raid more, have more fun, to spend more.

I’m more of the 30-50 percent that try to jump on a few hours here and a few hours there, I had a great guild once, been though 14 others as people leave and new one get going only to fail.

So mainly my wife and I play, jsut off and on.

Just really disappointed that there is this Niche market, and all the others.

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I’ll be honest, when I first saw this thread title I thought someone had necroed a thread from August as this topic was pretty prevelant then. Imagine my surprise to find it was someone who “claims” to not know this and decided to wait until a day before launch of the next expansion to work for it. Sunday at its finest.


Well they got your Dragonflight money so I’m sure they will be fine with it.

Special rewards behind hard content has always been a thing. That’s why so many farm old content for all those things they couldn’t get when it was current. And some of us will just have to do without. Not really a big deal, plenty to achieve with the time you have.

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That does suck i always check the achievements to make sure everything is being counted for
Suppose that would be my suggestion to you for future adventures.

If u have any questions on future content feel free to ask.

so do it with fewer.


Yeah, I was going to give raiding a try this last month to see if I could get the mount. Then I found out I couldn’t use LFR, so I didn’t bother raiding. Annoying choice by Blizzard….

And here I thought, the night before the new expansion, that it was finally over.

How stupid of me.

It’s not over.

It will NEVER be over.


Seriously I just found out 3 days ago, and since I had the weekend off, I thought I would try,