Slime Cat NOT LFR what the heck

If you did and paid attention, you would have saved a bunch of time not running LFR.

Never going to get the mount oh well, pugs wont take people without double leggos or 270ilvl etc

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Did all normal raids in one day on a fresh boosted toon. What’s your excuse?

I’ve used the slimecat all of one time. To show someone else. It isn’t for everyone.

I didn’t know the game disabled players from creating their own groups. You also had half a year to get the achievement.

That sounds like a pain in the butt. I did it in two. was going to use three, but I had to go see Disney on Ice today.

In theory you can still get it. You have 12 hours.

points Ha ha

Maybe blizzard should try to not make FOMO a core part of their business model.

People do play other games.

If something is live for 6-9 months, is it really FOMO?

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they removed it.

Are WoW players really this stupid lol?

Not all mostly just those who like to talk down to the LFR and solo players because for some reason we are beneath them.

I don’t consider something FOMO if you have ample time and opportunities to obtain it. 6-9 months is a very long time, whether you play other games or not. If you have actual “fear” of missing out then that’s a personal issue.

Ah yes, the quick insults. The emotional intelligence of a toddler.


Yeah but we’re talking about the forum. Many posters think normal raids are for “elitists”.


Not the guy trying to redefine FOMO to suit his needs calling me dumb, couldn’t be me.

Man a human paladin with alt codes in his name shilling for blizzard, I mean they are called stereotypes for a reason I guess.

oh and “something something child resorting to ad hominem attack something something”

This forum really is it’s own little world. With the way some of them post you would think that a normal raid requirement for a mount was cruel and unusual punishment from Blizzard.

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About a week ago I was seriously considering trying to get into the Fated raids just to get the slime cat. Then I heard somewhere that you had to do every single Fated raid to get it, including SoD and SoFO and I made the value calculation that it was simply too much effort. And so I didn’t do it. I’m OK with not getting the slime cat if having to get it made me do something I didn’t find fun or want to do.

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Quote me. Sad you have to make things up only 3 exchanges in.

I server transferred and wanted to keep the same name.

I see that you are committed to showing everyone just how low your emotional intelligence really is. Can’t even talk about the topic anymore.

Whenever someone starts throwing insults I just put them on ignore. I don’t have time to argue with children.

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You should have seen how the forum blew up and went ballistic when they had to win a battleground for the legendary cloak. lol