"Slaves to Saronite" daily MASSIVE BUG

Press x to doubt.

Blizzard CS doesn’t have db access.

I’ve asked before in retail. I wanted a very specific stuck item delete. legendaries can’t be sold or deleted. they exist eternally. and this one was bugging a quest out.

I’ve asked and gotten that done in other games like eve in under an hour lol.

their cs only made it longer as they asked twice “are you sure. we will not roll this back”.

2 times yes…this item for reasons will not delete itself. run that t-sql voodoo magic.

you would be dealing with the sql dba’s here. not the game devs. this uh, I lost money may not fly. If separated duties…the sql guru’s are not the devs. The sql admins are probably better folk. Slight IT bias there.

Where I work I once ran the sql servers. My stuff was good. had to be…it be the devs who messed crap up. and log replay time off backups. So my stuff had to be good to cover for them.

yeah, many sql admins like their devs who mess up our crap. you want to limit remove their access sometimes. but you can’t.

Hopefully we get a Blue response soon. 10k+ views in this forum, a wowhead post and my reddit post has over 85k views,

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Its because the devs will run the logs and see who lost gold and refund them all in bulk if CS also refunded you then you would double your gold.

CS teams arent usually allowed to refund in cases like this where a large number of people are affected as it will interfere with the later development team refund.


Anyone have any updates yet…?? Will they have to go ticket by ticket where we have to rely on the GMs thoroughness to investigate it care enough to move it to the right dept or will they be able to see for themselves through some sort of “logs” who got effected by it an reimburse. I am so terrified that I won’t be reimbursed my GM didn’t even look into the correct toon on my 1st initial ticket so I am now awaiting a response once again from the original and a new ticket due to the confusion.

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So what happens if you move all your gold and then do the daily afterward, does that put you in debt with them?

Depends if the game codes for negative money balance.

some games actually do that. Eve this how you spot a busted RMT player.

they ban. take all money. and the even give them a negative balance. RMT’d for 500 mil…well the balance is now -500 mil.

if one pleads to get account unbanned, they work off the -500 mil debt

it works because trianing in that game is slooooooow. If you want 5 years of skill trains on a new alt. its gonna be…about 5 years again lol.

Saw this with a person trying to join once. learned his lesson, solid player jsut trying to move on from a mistake.

Anyone have any feedback regarding reimbursement? My ticket is still open (for the third time), with no response after the first two were “go post a bug, thanks!”

Nothing heard yet still waiting with 2 open tickets open fingers crossed hard for all o f us. I can’t fathom them ignoring a blunder this big that would be awful on their part.

That won’t stop them from doing the wrong thing though. Their current reputation is more awful than not.

I wonder if they fix it what they’ll do. In some cases a “gold rollback” would also suck because that would essentially wipe out all of your gains since the bug.

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daily wagies kekw

I have an update from my latest gm response… hope this makes us all feel a little better…

Hi there xxxxxx

It’s GM xxxxxxxx here, I hope you’re doing well today!

Thanks a lot for getting back on this.

After checking everything out now you were affected by the issue with Slaves to Saronite. At this time though Customer Support is unable to provide restoration of the gold lost from this incident.

As my colleague mentioned though the issue is being worked on by the Dev team and your gold will be restored. Sadly I don’t know how long it will take so we do ask for your patience while it is done.

This might not be the answer you were hoping for but I do wish you a good day.

Best wishes


Wild you actually got a response. As the person who put in the original bug report in 4 different place all I’ve received is automated BS. Would be nice if a forum CS actually aknowledged this and put it in writing

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this gives me hope

Slaves. /rolls eyes. They’re always going through your pockets when you’re not looking, am I right?

Oh that is good to hear man… I was mentally preparing that I was never gonna see my gold again. Really disheartening when you lose all your income right before ulduar. My motivation went from super excited to not motivated at all when the bug finessed me :frowning: Wonder how long it will take ?

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They still have not given an answer about what happened to the lost gold… if they are going to replace it?

I think it would be somewhat unfair that they do not replace the gold lost in a quest error… someone with 5 fingers of brain would agree with me… we did a lot to generate gold and in a few seconds lose it due to an error… well I think that they should make amends for what happened

Hello guys,
I got reply too. Here is it:

My name is Game Master Fraedenar. I’m a Blizzard Entertainment GM and I am answering your support ticket about lost gold due to the daily quest Slaves to Saronite.
This situation is known to the developers and is being worked on, but we have no ETA on how long it will take to be fixed. This means it could take days or weeks, or your gold could be returned tonight. There’s no way to rush this process unfortunately and we appreciate your gold is important, but we must ask you please to be patient and you should hopefully get your gold returned in due course.

So, I guess only thing we can do is wait now.