Skyfury locked; new server made; no communication

They probably did this on purpose.

Had they communicated a second pvp fresh server ahead of time, many horde would have held off a couple weeks/days in anticipation.

By locking Skyfury down with no warning or communication, theyve engineered a reality where both PVP servers might have good faction balance for a while.

The bother is that they did it too late. Skyfurys population is entirely too big. The other bother is people who are cut off from their friends Berlin Wall style.

Someones gotta start over or someones gotta play alone. Blizzard are genius innovators at creating lose-lose player experiences and then having Ion say “we hear you” in the next streamer-dev interview.

Yes, they said in the beginning they only wanted 1 pvp server to begin with, so it would have the best chance for faction balance.

But the demand for fresh was just too great for 1 pvp realm.
I’m honestly concerned now that they caved. People can’t help but to reroll to the server that they could dominate on. It happened in SoM.

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I actually think they completely anticipated the potential for a 2nd realm and just misled or omitted that info to socially engineer a more positive outcome. They just executed poorly. But we may never know…

In the end it doesnt matter much, I doubt many established guilds and players will reroll the new one so its more for people who missed the boat on fresh.


The real problem is Im on skyfury horde and have zero intention of starting over. But theres cognitive dissonance because if in 2 months all the horde are gone, I will have wasted 2 months of potential time in leveling up on the newer server.

Again. Lose-lose.

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I think people leaving will be faster than that over the next week I would expect anyone who is going to angerforge will have moved as if they move now they could reach 70

Probably right. In my case, I only have so many weeks of WoWing 6+ hours a day before I gotta pare it back some and be a more reasonable and present husband. So I dont have the luxury of leveling numerous characters to 70 in the next month or two.

Skyfury it is!

Skyfury is fine dude, today Asmon left to Anger and blind too.
That’s two of the biggest influx of ally players leaving.
It means the server will end up to a close 50/50 pop now.

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Wonderful. I enjoy Asmon but playing on his server is usually a con in of itself.

I think its comical how many people follow him around from server to server thinking theyre gonna be his next best friend alongside mcconnell.

It aint gonna happen you parasocial andys…


They should have just increased the capacity, worrying about balance before wrath proper launches and they know who was just clear killing time pre launch.

Shoulda woulda coulda. I agree with what youre saying but that ship sailed years ago. According to what people are saying, increasing server capacity would take a considerable amount of time to make happen. And thats not considering and third degree game changing consequences of creating servers that could host an incredible amount of players, like 50-100K for example.

What do you mean no communication?

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Well thats obviously not the logic train they ended up following, so…

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what’s funny is they added a second pvp to west instead of east

Thats the ultimate flex right there. Zero f’s given over at Blizz.

lmao tbh. I’m stuck on skyfury around all these asmon rpers i wish i went horde, but hopefully it balances. F tier wpvp on alliance

Physically not possible

MMOs by concurrent connections

FF14 queues after 15k server issues around 21k
Ashes of creation projected 8-10k
New World 2k

MMOs just send too much data to have a much larger user count.

Id say just hop on over to horde but at that point you may as well go to the server without a queue. And I wouldnt reroll either.

yeah nah i put a week on my SF char already cba

Man lets not get bogged down in “what is or isnt possible”. Neither one of us is qualified to say. And its a moot point anyways because it’s not happening at WoW regardless of how wrong either of us are. What Blizz does going forward is infinitely more interesting.