Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

Yeah I also do not understand why it would take so long. You could ban hundreds a day while learning.

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I think you are confusing how they deal with bots, in game exploiters, client/server api exploiters and actual hacking of servers. If any compromise to any of their game severs was detected. I feel like all of their related servers would be made inaccessible until they had remediation in place.

I’ve had the same RMT spam in my mail from the same character for the past three days. Reported each time on all my toons.

I wonder how long it will take Blizzard to figure out “just how are they navigating this mail function?”

Almost like it was scripted after reading this tread. TWO Blizzard posts came here yesterday. Both got dumped on by this community.

One of those posts being EXACTLY what people in this thread wanted…a “Bots a bad, we know bots a bad and we’re banning bots. Please keep reporting them.” And this community did not disappoint in spewing garbage…then gets mad when they don’t post more.

I will post a video soon of bots fly hacking around ZG, with names included in the video and daily updates. Let’s see how long it takes blizzard to ban them.

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Good, constructive, negative criticism:

Toxic harrasment and abuse:

There is good feedback. Constructive negative feed back (which is great.) and then drivel.

Unfortunately, out of the 3 categories…one of them is is skewed in representation.

Shadowlands is Blizzards concern now.

They might as well have left Classic in the dust.

For now anyway.

We live in 2020 where people believe what they want to believe, and nobody wants to put in any thought into what they post online they just want to be angry so they can get meaningless likes to feel validated. Gamers specifically are awful at this.

I don’t think anyone is setting out to make a bad service, they are trying to tackle the issue but gold selling is a big business and they will continue to do this until they can’t make money anymore.

“But private servers did it better! This is multibillion dollar company” Okay, where’s the evidence? Also pservers didn’t have the amount of players classic has not even close. And lastly, just because you have infinite amount of money at your disposal doesn’t mean you can solve all your problems, if that was true we would’ve cured a lot of diseases by now.

It’s okay to be upset and voice it in a constructive manner to help improve your experience. Unfortunately it’s very rare to see that, and thus they will continue to not talk to the community and I don’t blame them.


The worst part is, they don’t even have the self-awareness to understand that THEY’RE responsible for driving off the messengers. For them, it is easier to blame anything and everything other than themselves and their actions that led to the bare minimum communication required. That is the truly sad part.

Sadly this is all too true in the gaming industry, and even beloved companies like Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Naughty Dog (to name a few) aren’t safe from abuse from their customers.

The funny part is that nobody wants to put their money where their mouth is, which is the most effective way to voice your gripes.

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What would be the point?

The multitude of people who mindlessly consume product aren’t going to change their minds on how they do business.

The idea was “if the product is “actually” bad, deserving of the toxicity being given…then they should just stop giving buying the product.”

Enough people withholding their money most certainly does change how someone conducts business.

There’s a reason games like Anthem, and Fallout 76 did not meet sales expectations. People voted with their wallet and made those companies aware they can’t just put out lesser quality products and expect their customers to eat it up.

Now look at Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you look at their social media presence prior to release, they were getting harassed so much that they had to put out a statement about the game. And then game comes out and it’s the fastest selling Pokémon game ever (or something like that). So the next Pokémon game probably won’t be that much different because at the end of the day people still lined up to give them money.

I actually didn’t mind Fallout 76. I found the perfect spot to grind out materials and belt up zombies with guns for hours, though I got to the point where I was a literal god with a thunder hammer capable of killing Scorgebeasts by the score. It just got borning.

I felt kinda robbed when I got the Sword and Shield expansion. I got it as a kinda chill game but the constant big battle grinding made me wana pull my hair out. I just don’t understand that fandom :confused:

The vibe I get from Blizzard these days is that their product is sold more based off their reputation and legacy rather than making something that stands for itself. Its almost sickening in a way.

I personally didn’t buy the latest Pokémon game because I felt the game looked like a 3DS game on the Switch, and I was hoping for the Breath of the Wild of Pokémon. But the majority has spoken and seems like people like what they put out, it’s not for me but that doesn’t mean it’s not for a lot of people.

And just to put it into perspective, I have bought both copies of their games since Pokémon X Y all the way to Let’s go Eevee.

Its not a bad game but unless you like what you see I can’t imagine anyone sticking around for long.

Perhaps I’ve grown too violent in my tastes. I mean ridding a motorbike covered in razor blades through a zombie horde on Dead Rising 3? Beautiful.

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Here’s some fly hacking and botting. Will post daily updates to see if people are actually getting banned.


they only reply to random post asking dumb questions like " is botting legal". Then you will get a reply… something like this, they cant handle.

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That’s probably a rogue blizzard employee that made the post. Look how fast they responded to it.

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