Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

i was thinking that too 100%

they blantly cant hide anything

Do you know how long investigations happen in real life? Sometimes years.

If Blizzard just bans them automatically, they might not learn how the hacks are working. If they learn that then they can stop the hacks forever with fixes to the game. They aren’t short sighted. They think long term.

You know this isn’t the U.S. legal system, right? Seriously. Years to check to see if a particular character is sending RMT spam in the mail??? That takes less than 30 seconds. It takes even less than that to see if someone’s fly hacking.

LOL! Yeaaaaah. They’ve been following this formula for, what, almost a decade now?

Seems to be working beautifully!!!


First I said nothing about RMTs in this thread. Also, I think you’re being too mean honestly about my rational opinion.

I just think that Blizzard might have a reason for not banning cheaters quickly. That’s fine that you don’t agree. No problem.

Sorry if I’m being mean, but I don’t consider your opinion rational. Especially when stacked up against the facts.

There is no reason except lack of staff which stems from lack of caring, for anyone to receive the same RMT spam in their mail three days in a row. None. There is no reason except lack of staff which stems from lack of caring, for fly hacks, and bots to continue their shenanigans for months at a time. Especially since private servers RUN BY VOLUNTEERS nipped this crap in the bud as soon as it happened and had ZERO problems.

There’s simply no excuse for this.

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All they have to do is google search “wow classic fly hack” and they will find the download in within the first few options. so tell me again how it will take so long to investigate


Update: recorded 09/29/20 after blue post

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It’s amazing how people can still rationalize such blatant incompetence.

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Its a small indie company. Give em some slack. They ban bots in the thousands (global!!!1111111) according to their blue post daily.

I wish we could go back to the pserver scene. This is just atrocious and it also costs money each month. Ugh


You think it’s not automated but when you have to finagle through 4 different levels of menu that don’t describe what you actually need help with, and have to make a ticket in a completely different category just to actually make a ticket and try to get support? I remember when it was just a one-click button for ticket support. Sure it took a while, sometimes, but I remember DOZENS of my tickets were answered within anywhere from 15-60 minutes. Now it’s literally days for a reply and you get some copy+paste script in the first response, 100% of the time, that always functions as a prompt for you to reply and repeat your problem.

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Are you serious ? If I am blizzard and you are a hacker in the game. Do you know how much it takes for me to understand how did you hack it? Do you know how long it take for me to get rid of you ? Banning your Account and Ip’s.
Its not rocket science. Must be looking complicated for you but should not for those working at Blizzard.

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It’s hilarious when people slam private servers as being greedy and dishonest.

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I just wish we would see some action taken, inflation is going to start hitting hard.

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You are such a naive kid, it’s hilarious


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I have been getting in game mail from reporting bots stating that my reports led to bans.

They’re 100% banning bots and hackers.

The issue is they don’t have the staff needed to keep up. Botting and hacking is out of control now. They need in game GM’s again to even make a dent in whats going on.

He is naive for stating facts?

I was never affected by botting like I have been on official.


This is a big part of our problem. I don’t think anyone is watching anymore. I honestly feel like I could install a fly hack and go un-noticed for weeks.


To be fair we don’t have all the facts about how many hacks Blizzard is dealing with and what kinds. My guess is that the ones you find on a simple search engine only scratches the surface on what kinds of hacks there are going on in the game.