Silence on Slime Cat

No you can’t lmao. there is normal, heroic, and mythic, i dont see no LFR.

That post you linked isn’t asking them if they plan on changing it or if they are talking about if they’ll change it or anything like that. It’s only asking if you can get the mount from LFR. They have never addressed OPs question.

we acted the way we acted so they don’t want to talk to us.


I certainly wouldn’t want to talk to anyone here :rofl:


what the point of adding that was for anyway

you can’t even kill LFR ghuun solo

Talk to the npc genius lfr is a mode


Isn’t that the opposite of using the forum?

Dear OP,
Sadly, the developers of this game do not seem to have the ability to acknowledge and apologize for errors. Perhaps one day they will understand how a simple acknowledgement and apology goes a long way.

I wish you the best.


Lol raid reward experiment.

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For a player yes, fortunately I don’t work for Blizz so I can sit here and run my mouth for tens of thousands of posts :rofl:
If I were to ever work for Blizz I’m not talking to you guys as a rep for them :laughing: I already know what its going to be like and no thank you lol.


I would just talk to you guys the way I talk to you now if I work for blizzard.

I would try to use reason and when people still don’t stop arguing emotion, I’ll make fun of you and stop talking

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Easy on that copium there.

Uh what are you talking about

you’d be on performance review by week 4.

Worth it. Definitely



That sounds dangerous, I have a fairly large portion of my memory dedicated to things Blizz has said and done. When you say something as a Blue it is gospel. Just sitting here running your mouth and saying something like “I don’t really like pet battling”
Forums: OHHH Blizz said they don’t like pet battling and want to remove it

Blizz attacks their players!
A Blizzard employee made fun of my underage child!


Context matters if he was acting like an ape…
But who knows whose age anywhere. All you got to go by is what people say

one time… only once… i had a customer who made me stop and consider where I am in life, what my finances can handle and what is best for present and the future, and is it worth (or not) letting him know how I really feel about his problem.

it was about 50-50 for a few seconds how the day will go. I held it in.


That doesn’t matter, the game is rated T for Teen so it would behoove you as a Blizzard employee to address people with the assumption that you’re talking to some kid. Otherwise you’re going to have a Karen also going ape and possibly getting you fired since you talking to customers like that is bad for business.