Significant world lag/packet loss specifically in WoW

I have only recently(within the past 2-3+ days) been experiencing some lag/high world latency/packet loss. At first it was more minor stutters in raid/m+ that would disrupt my rotation and GCD’s, but it seems instances of those problems have increased, but they also seem to come and go. It was particularly bad tonight where Id have upwards of 3-5 second “freezes” a few times during our Mythic raid, on top of micro stutters disrupting my GCDs. I went to further test things later in a normal Amirdrassil run, and I actually experienced the game completely freeze up, but chat was continuing as normal, after 30+ seconds of that I simply exited the game and reopened it, only to experience a shorter freeze again before logging off. What was different about that instance was in my home/world latency stayed normal during these freezes, while earlier in Mythic, mostly my world MS was spiking anywhere from 50-500ms+ higher than my home MS. I consulted with a few other players in my guild and that I know, and most said they were fine, but a handful also said they were experienced some world lag as well.


I ran PingPlotter as well for both the US West and US Central servers

I havent really experienced any issues outside of WoW recently, definitely nothing near the extent of which im experiencing with Wow. In the 13+ years of playing this game I genuinely dont think ive ever had issues like this(outside of temporary server side lag spikes that many others around me also experienced), so not sure what I can do to fix this since it was basically unplayable by the end of our raid night.

I tried to submit a ticket to Blizzard, but whatever reason when I try to submit it…it just doesnt go through.

I’m in the same boat, but it only started tonight for me. When trying to submit a ticket with all the info attached, I get “You can’t submit this ticket.
An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.”

I’m starting to feel scammed at this point.

I have same issue. With world latency of 21000 ms. I mean…

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I dont’ know if that helped or it’s a coincidence, but I logged out of battle net(europe) and logged in as americas instead. Home ms is bonkers now, but world is playable. Try it.

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Thanks i’ll try that again later.

Hey there Targetcapped,

Thank you for taking the time to report the persistent issues with those connection tests. Both PingPlotter tests display packet loss occurring at the 2nd “hop” and persisting through all subsequent hops, meaning the 2nd hop is dropping a percentage of those network packets.

If these troubleshooting steps have no impact, you will need to contact your Internet service provider since they’ll be equipped to diagnose the issue with that 2nd hop. When contacting the ISP, you can request to speak to a “level 2 or level 3 technician” since the front-line representatives typically only have access to basic diagnostics and troubleshooting tools.

For others experiencing similar issues, temporarily testing a different network (i.e. mobile hotspot or USB tether) will help determine whether the problem is isolated to your primary network provided by your ISP. A PingPlotter test can help by pinpointing the source, which we always encourage sharing with the ISP during troubleshooting.

I hope this helps restore your connection to its former glory! Let us know if you have any questions going forward.

I appreciate the reply and help, Ive completed a number of the troubleshooting solutions(including flushing DNS, making sure Blizzard/ are permitted in the firewall etc.), and was testing things in game during m+ afterwards and while it definitely is far better than last night(and running PingPlotter atm shows no packet loss), but there still seems to be a bit of lag(although somewhat inconsistent) that is not usually present for me outside of these last handful of days.

Im not really well versed in this field and would like to try to comprehend what the PingPlotter graph is showing, im specifically curious about the spike in latency that the PingPlotter graph shows occurring around Hop 8, which a simple google search of the IP results in showing it is indeed a Blizzard server. Would that not indicate that the latency issue is due to that specific Blizzard server, and not my own connection/ISP? Or is this “normal” or expected? I ask this because while the packet loss seems to be resolved, the high latency at that exact hop remains there(and when I show the time graph for that Hop, the latency is consistently spiking up and down from 70ms-175+ms).

I will still give my ISP a call just to be thorough, but Im trying to hold off on resetting my UI given the amount of time it would take me to set things up properly again(or that id just straight up lose). If it is indeed just that Blizzard server that has an issue, Id be able to forgo the task of resetting my UI. I can test it tonight though, by just temporarily renaming/moving my current WTF and Interface folders and seeing if that results in any change.

Please try what worked for me a few replies earlier. Maybe I just got lucky, maybe I found out a workaround. After logging in to on a different region, the server IP appears as a different one.

I wouldn’t reset your UI at this point - you have a connection issue. It is possible your UI is also causing a problem I guess, but fix the connection first. If you think there has been a change since doing some troubleshooting you can always run another one and post it to see if anything looks improved.

Hop 8 is showing normal behavior, it de-prioritizes test packet responses. Generally, if a hop shows a change in packet loss or latency that does not continue on to the rest of the hops down stream of it, then it can’t be happening. In other words, hops 9+ are further away than hop 8, so if it takes you 198ms to reach hop 8, you can’t get to hop 9 in 73ms. So the latency in hop 8 would only signify a problem if hop 9, 10, 11 etc also were 198+.

I am having the same issue for the past 3 days.

My ISP is Spectrum, but they are entirely unhelpful with troubleshooting.
I am currently in the Midwest.

Hop  RTT    Lost/Sent = Pct  Lost/Sent = Pct  Address
  0                                  [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  1    2ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  2   12ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  3   15ms     2/ 100 =  2%     2/ 100 =  2% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  4   13ms    20/ 100 = 20%    20/ 100 = 20% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  5   15ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  6   17ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  7   17ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  8   17ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% [] 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  9   21ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
 10   18ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
 11  ---     100/ 100 =100%   100/ 100 =100% 
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
 12   16ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0%
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I agree that in this case the problem start at 2nd hop, but what about all the other reports where you don’t say a thing?, people from different countries from south america and europe having the high latency issue and heavy packet loss starting at your ASN?

there’s a blizzard network problem in his own network and they doesn’t want to do a thing… this started with 10.2, like has been before with other patches, same problem, just search this forum…

Having the same issue.

4070ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor, 32.0 GB DDR4 but still major spikes in what looks like lag and input lag.


Your packet loss starts at the first hop.

That’s an isp issue and you should contact them.

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This forum asks for winMTR tests as the standard for testing.

It has been repeatedly stated by blue and green posters that the blizzard hops are set to not respond to icmp and that if the packet loss or high latency does not exist on hips after that, those results are due to the strings on the servers and do not reflect actual latency or packet loss.

Posts here are not guaranteed a blue response and they are not a way to get around the ticket system. If you need a direct technical response from blizzard, file a ticket.

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Things have been fine for pretty much the last week, and as soon as I log in today and go to reclear raid I can immediately notice my abilities are going off late…sure enough, getting a bit of packet loss again just like last tuesday. Not even sure what to do at this point since ive never had an issue like this with my ISP and lag/packet loss ever before(and weve had the same ISP for a long time) and dont really know what to make of the inconsistency, but its basically only happened last tuesday, and now this tuesday as well.

You need to contact your ISP and let them know what’s going on. It’s happening close to home, either your modem or the hop outside in your neighborhood - it’s under your local ISP’s direct control to fix.

So getting less packet loss right now but…its not originating at the 2nd hop tonight(last night it was consistently originating at hop #2 and consistently between 1-4%, spikes probably higher but I wasnt looking at it during raid when Id get 2 sec freezes), its originating at hop 8, which to my understanding is on Blizzards end, no?

There is 0 packet loss in that test. You sent 239 packets and 239 packets arrived at the game server (last line).

If you’re having horrible latency in game your connection is likely desynced by other software/hardware on the PC causing processing delays for the game client, or you didn’t capture the issue happening during the test.

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…what? So, according to you, there is also 0 packet loss in this test from last week?
According to the blue, it showed 5-6% packet loss starting at hop 2…despite the count being the exact same from hop 1, to the game server. In fact, every single test ive run(which has been basically anytime ive noticed the same lag in raid/keys, most of which I havent posted) over the last week that showed any amount of packet loss in the PL% column, the count has been the same at hop 1 as it was at the game server. Using your own logic, I havent experienced any packet loss at all, at any time apparently?

My ingame latency is fine/stable 99% of the time, I get around 60-70ms to Tich(US West) and usually 30-40ms to Area 52(US Central), which is what it has always been for as long as ive played on those servers so im not sure how you can say its a latency issue…?

Its an issue of my game sometimes freezing for seconds at a time or rubberbanding/abilities going off seconds after I press them during raid(despite chat and everything else moving just fine at the same time), meanwhile im in discord at the same time and there is 0 perceived lag in voice chat. And when I run any internet speed test or packetloss test, they say my connection is completely fine. I have not experienced any lag or issues doing ANYTHING else on the internet, its specifically WoW. Ive asked if anyone else on my network has experienced any issues with the internet and theyve said no. I have 1gig internet, and three different 5GHz networks as well as another 2.4GHz network(that generally only has my phone connected to it) and I usually use one of the 5GHz networks that doesnt have anything else connected to it/no one else is using it(whether it be an ipad, stream stick or w/e, theyre connected to one of the other 5GHz networks).

So again, I dont know what could be all of the sudden causing this issue on my end(nothing has changed at all with the network or my computer, and the only thing that has changed in game is I switched off of Elvui to SUF/Bartender 2 weeks ago, which were addons Ive already had downloaded for months, but were simply turned off) since ive never had any issue like this as long as ive played this game/as long as ive had this ISP, and the issue doesnt seem to exist doing anything else on the network, nor does it exist for anyone else on the same network in my house to my knowledge.

Hello, I made a post while back that helped me fix my lag might work for you good luck. Lag Spike prob Solved for me at least - Support / Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums (

I now face the amd crash of death each day now :). It never ends.