Lag Spike prob Solved for me at least

Been having huge lag spikes in any blizz game since D4 release. I thought it was blizz, it would only happen in a blizz game. I port forwarded, raged, yelled, and blamed everyone. I thought it was my new ISP’s Fiber line and then I thought it was the modem. All WRONG. The problem is right there, right in front of you. For some reason blizz stuff acts like p2p (shrug). Reducing the bandwidth for Microsoft’s BITS did the trick. I chose the lowest recommended value shown in the ui of gpedit and voila, not a single lag spike since. Hope this helps.

Not a single lag spike to this day as an update since I made this. (12/21/2023)


I’m having an absurd latency despite my high speed internet. I’d like to try your fix but I didn’t understand it at all, do you have a version for noobs?


I just logged in, and wow the lag!

I tried mounting and nada, yet my action bar showed all mounted abilities. Couldn’t even log out, or exit the game thru the interface. I had to close the app manually.


I’ve been experiencing this since Saturday as well. Huge packet loss in WinMTR on blizzard’s end (US Central data center). EU to NA.

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Search for gpedit (local group policy) and open it.
Admin Templates → Network → Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
open “Limit the maximum network bandwidth for BITS transfers”
Limited background transfer rate to 10kbps
Enable it
Limited background transfer rate to 10kbps
Set time frame from 12am to 11pm
Make sure “Use all available unused bandwidth” is unchecked
Limited background transfer rate to 20kbps
Press OK
Open “Limited the maximum network bandwidth used for Peercaching”
Enable it
Press ok
Restart PC

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