Should you ask mages for water on BGs?

If they were really trying to win, why wouldn’t they come prepared with water?




Guess you cannot read.

I said I have consumables. I have stand MGD always. I have alterac spring water (just happened to run out) before I started a couple AB matches today. I asked for water I did receive it in one match . I didn’t ask for water (I already had it) and a nice mage gave me some and food.

Im not entitled. Im not from that generation. Im just saying that if you want to win … which im sure you do… Wouldnt you want everyone to be as good as possible to achieve victory?

When Im on my buffer class, Im giving everyone a buff. I want them to be stronger, and beefier. Its just smart!

55 water > 45 water (MGD) that I currently had on me. So less downtime is better.

I guess I wont freeze trap that warrior that is smacking you in the face. Or place my other traps for the good of the BG to help us win. That is the same damn mentality. I use all my tools to help the TEAM WIN. not just benefit myself


Mage water is not a buff its a consumable and you want others to pick up your slack for not being prepared. You are entitled. Want me to carry arrows for you too?


Oh yeah. Min/max situation.

If you were really trying to be Uber you would premade, use Flasks for 2 hours. ETC ETC ETC.

some are not try hards. But for F sake. If you are doing something, atleast do what is READILY AVAILABLE for your team mates to try and achieve a W.

This one gets it.

As someone who mained a mage for years, you have no idea how ANNOYING some people would get.

I would even lay out tables once I was don’t with my personal buffs, but people were SO DANG IMPATIENT, they’d bug me the second they loaded in.

Good grief people, give it a rest!

I had water. Like I said. For C sake. I just read this and can’t believe team mates dont give two craps about others that they are playing with to acheive a victory

No you didnt have the water you wanted, go make a mage friend, it may be hard for you because clearly you are demanding and entitled.

Edit: People that compare handing out water to buffs or using their skills like heals, traps ect are completely off the scale mind numbingly entitled. Make a mage and tell me how annoying all you thirsty unprepared players are , get back to me after a couple thousand people open trade without a word. I hand out waters to healers in the battle that are oom, so you are cute with your arguments. But you are also an entitled unprepared hunter, I am not your vendor.


I did have a mage. I always prepped when I logged in and had full bags of water and handed it out to people in BGs and dungeons. We are working as a team. We need to have everyone at their tippy top.

I ask for water. If I get it great, if I dont I use what I have. If I dont have alterac spring water. My mana regen is slower and Im not as effective etc.

You have bag space and time to hand out water to 40 people? No, no you dont, so people should come prepared for the bg or dont queue up.

Edit: Any one not fully prepared for the bg is an entitled drain on the bg and may aswell go afk with the rest of the leeches.


First off. Stop being dramatic. the 15 warriors in the game are not wanting water

2nd, I hand out what I could before I needed full mana before the doors opened up and the BG started.

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You dont hand out food to the warriors!? WTF you are supposed to be a team player!

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Wow, I said water. Not food Jesus H Christ

you also said hand out water to 40 people Good show!

Oh so you cant hand out both and we are supposed to assume that every one that opens trade wants only water without saying a word?

Eh you lost, entitled player looking for hand outs, not your vendor, be prepared for the bg before hand or you are not a team player.

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Im the one click on people and HANDING IT TO THEM

I think I know what class needs what.

You have really terrible reading comprehension. and we are going round and round.

I’ll stop. I want my team to be the best they can be to try and achieve a victory. If you feel thats wrong… So be it.

Naw you should play your mage then and stop playing your hunter so you actually bring something to the bg in the first place.


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I don’t eat in BG’s. When bandages are on CD and my health is low. I just charge in and die to respawn with full health…

Well if I am near a graveyard i can spawn at lol

Av is a 40 man raid. Do you go on your 40 man guild raids expecting everyone else to bring consumables for YOU? Their are a few different ways to get 55 food and water. One merchant sells a consumable that does food/water together even. You mention you prepare before going to a bg even. Why cant others? I come prepared to the point that i only have 6 slots open in my bags. Why? Because I have health pots, mana pots, faps, speed potions, shadow/frost shield potion buffs, magic resists potions, and more!!! Plus my pvp/pve gear. So I couldn’t even fill up my inventory to get a mass of mana potions because I am coming to the bg ready to fight. People. Need. To. Be. PREPARED.

Edit: And those six slots are filled with my food/water.

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