Should you ask mages for water on BGs?

I dunno, i can’t do that, feels like i’d be super annoyed if i was a mage and don’t want to bother them.

I also have no money at all so i can’t afford normal water, so i just die to regen mana.

=_= i really suck at classic.


Yes. You should. If they refuse, then they get no heals.


but i’m not a healer, i’m filthy shadow priest


Go out of shadow form, pretend to be Healer and buff them with pw:f. Then once they give you water, switch back to shadow form.


Yes you demand it in CAPS
If they refused, /slap /spit


Since you can’t trade gold cross realm, BGs are the best place to get water from mages.

This is similar to asking if BGs are a good place to get buffs.


You can ask for it.

Actually getting it though is another story.


If you’re a healer, yes. Dps in a pug AV shouldn’t. Pug WSG or AB maybe. Premade AV yes but we were all friends on discord and mages opened trade and gave you water. That was a fun, connective time of fostering friendships across alliance realms till the horde got it taken away.

“Healer here. If a mage could give me water, I’d appreciate it; if not, I understand.”

I don’t go so far as to not heal people if I don’t get water, but it’s really easier to have full mana when I can drink whenever possible without thinking of all the gold I’m wasting.

Keeping pugs alive is important for the BG win, but if I’m already a resto shaman who has trouble farming on a PvP server, you’ll objectively get less heals if I don’t have mage water.

Edit: I’m ele for one week atm, but am usually resto. :open_mouth:


If a mage can’t give you water, either consider the /afk or enjoy the time spent losing


Yes. I’m pretty sure they make water in batches of 10. They get free casting for 2 min prior to opening of the gates. If they don’t give water to their team it’s worse than them not buffing int the entire match. They deserve shame.


You should try getting to level 12, the game get easier for you


I play a mage alt in BG’s, AV mostly. I usually try to go in with 200-300 water on me to hand out to healers. I normally say in BG chat “if you’re heals open trade for water.” I’ll start out giving 2 stacks tops and if I see them actively healing in the match then I’ll go out of my way to make sure they stay buffed and supplied with water.

No, we don’t get “free casting” before the match. Often times I’m sitting there drinking when the gate opens due to the buffing and water making. Even had some moron tell everybody to report me AFK 10 seconds after the gate went up because I was still in the cave drinking…needless to say that chump didn’t get buffed or water.

I don’t hand it out to DPS unless they ask and then I’m skeptical. If they’ve spent the entire match on their mount leeching honor then they don’t get squat. I think most mages would certainly give up buffs and water to somebody who just actively healed them in a fight; I know I do. Just my 2 cents.


Come on, why is everyone assume i’m a healer. I’ve even said above that i’m that useless shadow priest glass canon with 2.4/3k hp that dies in on crit (well, i do deal great damage if no one attacks me and i have mana, can dispel barriers from enemies and all that stuff)

Handing out water and food essentially helps you in the end. Why would you not do it?

Press a couple of buttons and give each person 20 water. it doesn’t cost you a single cent.


…trade windows suddenly opens with a thorium box ready to be opened…no hello- hi- are are you busy…fun stuff!

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Mages will hand you water if it helps wins the BG. Believe me no one wants to do more WSG then it takes to get exalted.

If they’re going to use them in the BG then WSG/AB yes, AV no. And only VERY early before the gates open. Ask me right before the game starts and ill spit on you… thats all the water you’ll get.

I think this is more a question for alliance since abusing mages for water when you have instant queues is definitely a thing. People too lazy to ask around for water will enter a BG, open trade with a mage, collect their water and AFK out. If I was alliance and that ever happened to me I would probably stop giving out water to anyone I didnt know

They’re onto us!!!

This right here sums it up as to why I don’t give out water. I basically pvp all day so I queue up right after I finish one. So, every AV i join I have anywhere from 4-6+ people asking for no water and they always want a couple and some food. Also, a few times in AV being reported right after the gates open since I had no food/water & no mana. So, I have to sit their and get a few stacks which most of the time im reported AFK. I stopped making water since I was booted TWICE from games because I didn’t get to combat in time.

This is something especially healers should have already coming in to a BG. Why come unprepared & depending on some rando mage to give you water? Between 55-60 I had no problem finding a mage to give me 55 water even if I had to track one down.