Should PUGS fight Premades?

A game released a decade later. Classic resembles an older system and ranking is built on this style of play.

WC3 a game that preceded WoW didn’t match premades vs pugs.

Would you be fine if premades got no honor or rep for beating pugs?

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Doesn’t effect me nope I’m done ranking. I’d be fine if they got rid of honor system

Honestly the whole BG situation would be better if they just scrapped the honor system as is.

Yep but bgs would be pretty dead without it. Very few alliance would queue

Honestly at this point I would love to just be able to pug bgs again. Take my rewards away but let me keep the titles. Let me get HWL without the rewards

Titles are meaningless. It just means you ranked on low pool server And/ or spent an unhealthy amount of time in the game. take a break once in while, go outside, or something. I know it hurts but rl health is more important than in game health. What does getting hwl on above server even get you in bragging rights?

Good idea! Maybe i’ll go join a riot or even catch Covid

I’m an adult and I will worry about my own health

And there it is.

I don’t believe you. Link it or it didn’t happen.

I’m going to assume you’re lying or are confused.

It was posted in one of the many pre-mades-r-sweaty-mouth-breathers threads a couple months ago.

Sorry, you’re wrong.

That’s what they ended up doing towards the end of vanilla. You could purchase all the gear with honor points.

It would literally be #nochanges.

Nah they never posted anything like that. They literally CANT split the qs with faction balance in such a horrible state. The ball is in hordes court really. The system stays in it’s broken state until enough horde decide it’s worth the greater health of the game to reroll alliance.

He’s not lying, I remember it.

Yes, they did.

Sorry, you’re wrong.

You’re just making up whatever fits your narrative. Prove it or I don’t believe you. Besides my point stands they literally cant change it and you’d be stupid to clamor for it. If they did it right now you literally COULDNT solo q as horde. Your q times would be outrageous.

Well, you’re wrong. :man_shrugging:

Funny how your ignorance not only compels you to lie about blue posts but also to completely ignore anything that doesnt support your bias.

You’re still wrong, even with you’re 8 year old like insult.

Still wrong.