Should PUGS fight Premades?

And yet, you’re still wrong with all your “skin child” wrongness.

Aaaannnnd ignored. Maybe try posting something that contributes to the conversation instead of spewing ignorant filth.

: attaches yet another “I win” button to his jacket :

Could you point out the post you’re talking about?


Just remove the x before the https

If you could find it either, that would work too.

Not calling either of you a liar, but you should be able to tell me the name of the post with that site so I can read it myself.

So you make friends with the good players along the way, and slowly build a more effective and powerful group? Look a little further than the nose on these issues, yaknow?

Read the above dude’s quote. Just being in a group doesn’t make them equal to a group that preformed and planned based on the idea of maximum efficiency. It slowly leads the way to that idea, of eventually vetting the good players met along the way.

It’s not meant to be 1-2-3 easy. It’s the idea that you might not always be going in as a 10-15 group. You may start off with 5-7 people after looking/queueing for a half hour. If those players were good, add them, and tell them you’d like to play more. And next time, look for a few more new people. It’s about making these connections, nurturing them, and building them into what the current ‘sweats’ do. The distinction is whether you play for fun, or HPH. If it’s HPH, it’s always gonna suck, because you’re making it a job, not a game.

Not to be one of ‘them’… but that is literally what Retail is.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for it as well. I’m not sure that the context is the same as some are suggesting, but I sort of, kind of, remember reading something…

I was just scrolling through trying to find it.

I came across these, which may be relevant and/or the posts some are thinking of?

Prove it. Find the post and link it.

Until then your words are empty.

Those can’t be it, can they?

They don’t prove what the person was saying at all.

I don’t know. I do not have much information to go by, and I only scrolled through all the blue posts between now, back to Jan 20th… there could have been something previous to that.

Not being able to find something that someone claims exists doesn’t exactly prove that it doesn’t exist, but then… :woman_shrugging:

I cannot find any blue post that supports this claim.

It was a couple months ago. The point was already made then when someone did the busy work to find it.

I’m too lazy and don’t care enough.

Maybe he means the blue posts about premades in AV?

I could see someone mistakenly taking that out of context

It’s there.

That is what I suspect is the case.

Nope. It was strictly “It was never the intent to allow pre-mades to be allowed to constantly steamroll pugs.” had nothing to do with AV.

Well, we have given you the tools to find the post you’re talking about quickly.

If you want us to believe you, find it for us. It’s not fair to expect us to do the digging for you.

Frankly, if it really was from months ago and said what you says it does, I think they would have made those changes by now.

Yea he’s just a kid wanting attention, ignore him.

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I don’t need you to believe me, you already have another person saying they have seen the post.

I’m sorry you all are upset that Blizz doesn’t agree with pre-mades facing pugs.

We already know most of you just want ez wins. You’re not fooling anyone.


But I didn’t phrase it like that because it’s frankly not helpful to what I want.

If I can ask a reasonable question, provide the tool for him to prove himself, and he doesn’t, a person reading the exchange will likely conclude that without me having to say anything.

If instead I antagonize, call liar, make fun of him, etc. Then it’s not clear to someone reading the exchange who’s right unless they do the research themselves. Most won’t. I’ll look like a turd and possibly get a forum timeout, while his topic gets bumped, more attention, etc.

It’s tempting to make fun of someone in the moment. But to win an argument here, you do not convince the person responding. That almost never works. You instead look as reasonable as possible and convince the people who haven’t replied yet.

Ok, well if blizz truly believes that, where are the changes to support that statement?

Especially if it’s been months.

Actions speak louder than words, and you’ve given me neither words nor actions.

Wish I could form a premade but I can only play a few hours a week and not at a specific time. I tried a few pugs vs premade but quickly learnt that was a waste of time so I stopped queuing all together and ultimately unsubbed. I’d resub to play pug vs pug BG.

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