<Sharp and Shiny> | Alliance | Semi - Hardcore | Recruiting

Who are we: Sharp and Shiny is a PvE progression-focused guild made up of a mix of folks with original vanilla and private server experience, as well as other MMOs. We are currently looking for more high performance players to round out our raid roster.

What to expect from us: You can expect to be a part of a focused but relaxed raiding environment that will clear fresh content quick and effectively. We are also accepting of social members to allow for more availability outside of main raid activities, such as PvP, dungeons, and raid PuGs, which we hope will reduce the onset of raid log mentality.

What we expect from you: We have a 80% minimum raid attendance requirement for those looking to maintain a spot on our raid roster. We expect each raider to be working towards their pre-raid BiS, understand their BiS for each phase, and farm for their own raid consumables. We also expect our members to conduct themselves maturely and respectfully when interacting within and outside of the guild.

Why RP-PvE?: The community. While our guild is not an RP guild, we rolled on a RP server to avoid the elitism and toxicity that is sometimes prevalent on PvE and PvP servers.

Raid times: Sun/Tues 6:00 - 9:00 PDT with a potential third day added come phase 5

Loot system: Loot Council


Raid Clear Date Current Clear Time
MC 9/15/19 40 Minutes
Ony 9/17/19 <5 Minutes
BWL 2/12/20 57 Minutes

Raid Logs:


What are we currently looking for?:


Even if we’re not actively recruiting your class, please feel free to apply, as we will always be welcoming of exceptional applicants of any class. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or want to apply, join our discord or reach out in game by sending a message to Prudence, or Hydd.



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We have a female dwarf in the raid ~.^


10 / 10 would raid here again

This guild is adequate. I recommend it.

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11/10 speeches - THE alliance guild to be in.

Phase 2!!!

And both server first world bosses go to a world boss alliance with Sharp and Shiny and Acies


This guild is alright, I guess.

I’m a big fan

If you join Sharp & Shiny, All Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True!

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Tyhpoon Man here to say join this guild, they have loads of water sla- I mean wonderful mages

Hydd needs to equip a helmet.

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The Warlocks in this guild are pretty good Hello.

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The best warlocks on the server are in the guild, come join us