Guilds using multi-boxer warlocks to lockdown world bosses

Here you go.

Right, I said it was scummy behavior. I never said that they were scum. I do scummy things as well, everyone does.

A sensible chuckle was given.

So true!!!

IDK man, feels pretty scummy to make things up and accuse us of them.

I want everyone to ask themselves… “If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” -RuPaul

If you’re interested in joining the world boss alliance that has been the subject of this thread. Our recruitment threads are here.



I saw what I saw.

I dont have any proof to back it up hence me saying I dont expect to convince anyone of what I said. It is simply my opinion based on what I personally have observed. You play to win, you will do what it takes to win, and I absolutely respect that for what it is.

Never had a problem with either guild and like I said you guys have been doing me a personal favor by dominating everything. I am just glad that once people saw how far you were willing to go they stopped trying. No more having to go to Azshara at every log out

This has been an experience, to say the least.

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Sounds like these bad hombres aren’t so bad to me if the scummy behavior is just some rogue tagging the boss. They could be like other guild that monopolize world bosses and really step up the “scummy behavior” I would be thankful

Exactly! I really dont understand where the problem is. I have a personal opinion on their tactics. Other people are free to disagree and decide for themselves.

Heck, it might even help them with recruitment as we see above!

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Quick reaction with that edit there.

What tactics? You’ve openly admitted that you have zero proof of the supposed “scummy behavior” happening.


“Unless they’re paying your bills, pay them b#tches no mind!”


Yep! My officers told me not to offend you guys and so I am editing when I think it might not convey anything that is not the point.

Of course I said I dont have proof and that I dont expect to convince anyone of anything.

I feel bad for your edit button.


HAHAHA my dude its the wow forums speak your mind or don’t speak at all


Nah, I care about what my officers think and their opinions so I will just end it here


“I am sorry that I totally made it all up I hope you will forgive me my trespasses”

Big yikes, multiboxing isn’t your guy’s issue my man

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“If you want to be invited to the party, you better have something to bring.”


Where did I say I had an issue? I have repeatedly said I am grateful for what they are ‘not’ doing. Since I made it up.