<Sharp and Shiny> | Alliance | Semi - Hardcore | Recruiting

Great community of raiders and friends. They know what they’re doing and maintain a good balance of activity.

I enjoy the calzones.

Bump it up!

Stood in Azshara all day with these folks. A questionable use of time, but the company was solid.

I enjoyed pelting people with snowballs, 5 at a time! :smiley:

We’re friendly, most of the time.

they threatened me with snowballs.


:crossed_swords: + :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

We love our warlocks here <3

Banana gang represent

Really lookin’ like we need some Warlocks bad, come join!

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I hear the warlock in this guild already is #26 in the world for warlocks.

Bump it up :slight_smile:

All we ask for is a Warlock for Christmas!

Weeee areeeee comingggggg forrrr youuuuuu…

Hehe, it’s all good, i may roll aliie and apply

To the top we go

Please come get me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Still looking for that ever elusive Warlock.

Need a juicy warlock still