Sharding alternatives

Honestly, the only thing that I know would at least help the load, which I know a lot of people are against is just simply adding a collectors edition that gives you the OG collectors edition goodies and gives you a week or a couple days early access.

I know people despise early access junk but me personally, I was fully expecting to pay full box price on classic. And now that it’s ‘free’ from a box price the majority of players I believe at the start aren’t going to be logging in very frequently… So giving a box price on it with early access will spread out the populations substantially.

me too. i’m assuming there’s some legal jargon in there somewhere. like international laws are different. one way the private servers in foregin countries have gotten away with not being shut down is arguing that the product is no longer available . once vanilla is remade, it’s available. could be a similar argument that charging for it, would be like charging for the same product twice. i’m speculating though, but you can imagine foreign countries manipulating loop holes in international laws regarding copyrights and what not, using those kinds of arguments.

That people should not trip over themselves before blurting out a new thread without checking to see if there are not already dozens of threads on the same subject.


Trolling aside, that’s not what you’re asking for though whether your aware of it or not.

If blizzards plan pans out the way that they think it will, they need to have this necessary evil to make the game even playable for the first couple weeks in the starting areas.

So really, this feature is going to give you a truer classic experience and community in the long run compared to having that ‘true’ launch experience and then dead servers everywhere because they are ghost towns.

which is why my idea would work. since its just a shard anyway, the tech is already there to automatically re-merge it. the coders would just have to determine at what pop numbers the new shard should re-merge with the main shard its copied from and named after.

I myself chose not to report the OP for trolling (I reported it as spam)

But then you run into issues that Manhammer was talking about. The whole world would be sharded and people could actually take advantage of things like farming/gathering high level goods.

its just like being in a queue but you’re still able to do…oh wait, are you saying people deliberately creating new shards?

And I myself chose not to report you for being a jerk which you clearly are.

It’s not trolling to make a topic stating your opinion just because you are a new person on the forums.

It’s not spam even if there are other threads on the topic. Saying it is, is like saying walking into a room and starting to talk about something you have an opinion on is spam because the group just got done talking about that five minutes ago.


No I’m saying that with your solution sharding is spanned across the entire azeroth. So this makes resources that are limited, more plentiful and people can exploit this by really taking advantage of your shards.

For example. This is how blizzards sharding will work. (I’m going to be making up numbers here) Let’s say there are 3k people on the server. Now lets say there are 10 shards on this server. So on each ‘azeroth’ on this server there is 300 people. But this sharding is only limited to starting areas. So there are 10 elwynns 10 teldrasils 10 mulgores and so on… once they LEAVE these areas… these people are ALL on the same shard. So once they hit level 12, 3k people are competing to gather the resources that would be on one server.

Now lets use your version of sharding.

From the get go there are 10 shards already established. So 300 people per server. Well you could realistically hit a really high level before these shards turn off. So if you’re level 55, you’re only competing against the players for mobs/gathering goods/quests that are on your 300 player limit shard.

It’s not trolling to make a topic with your opinion as a new person, but it would take all of 30 seconds to do a search to find there are dozens of topics, including many recent ones, on the subject. That is if there weren’t already 4 at the top of the forums, since there seems to be a recent craze of sharding threads.

I would say that if there are already other threads about sharding, then making a new one IS spam. Just post in one of the existing threads.

It’s less like talking about something the group was talking about 5 minutes ago and more like making an entirely new group and inviting all the same people to talk about a topic currently being talked about.

Just say what you have to say in the already existing chats on the subject.

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ah yes, i see the dilemma. he was saying the same would be true for starter zones sharding as well, but like you, i couldnt figure out how that would work since nothing sells for more than a few copper other than 4 slot bag drops, which sell for 3 silver or so.

nothing could be worse than wod launch. the queue was in the 1000s, and would get to nearly empty and reboot back to 1000s. didnt take hours, it took days, to get in and when you did, if you logged or lagged out, you werent getting back on without going thru that same queuing nightmare again. i sat and watched the norse tracker that shows cyber attacks globally, and would see these huge attacks coming from china, russia and britain, that’d hit some place in california, over and over.

Another (possibly very effective) way to reduce the load would be to release classic and a major BFA content patch on the same day.

Johnny Retailer can choose to be at the forefront of the new retail content or the classic content. I would be surprised if many of those Johnny Retailers chose to “fall behind” in retail to be at the forefront of classic.

By the time those Johnny Retailers have consumed that new BFA content, the initial rush will likely have passed.

Yes, we agree on that point.

I would argue that 1 new person making 1 new thread is not spam. Even if that topic has been talked to death. It may be annoying that they made a whole new topic. Spam would be if they were just constantly making new threads about the topic without ever really having the conversation.

Let’s be honest. People complain that they didn’t just search for an old thread, but then they catch flak for reviving old threads. And on top of that if they post in an old/dead thread, most people who see that thread are going to look at it and ignore it because the thread is three weeks old and no one has posted in it in 2.

That’s a longer shot than an early release or delayed release for free players IMO.

The only people that this is going to keep out of the first week or so is someone who
A. Plays retail
B. That also wants to play classic
C. That wants BfA content MORE than classic
D. That even participates in new BfA content
E. That would RATHER get a head start on BfA content than participate in classic release.

I honestly don’t think that’s going to keep the majority of people at bay, let alone the majority of retailers at bay. I think this will keep mythic raiders out. Pvpers? Classic. Casual players? I would guess classic. RPers? For sure classic.

I’m not even sure exactly how retail works exactly but with a new content patch what would you really fall behind on if you missed a week? Aren’t raid gated still with their release? And most of their dailies or whatever won’t take them all day to do.

That’s just how I see it happening personally.

This is also a sharding thread, which means that there are A LOT of threads about it that have been posted in more recently than 2 weeks ago. People don’t complain about a 1-2 day old thread being bumped.

The thing is that the forum gets cluttered if half the posts at the top are everybody’s take on sharding they think warranted a new thread when they could have just posted it in an existing one.

They may not being doing all the spamming, but when you make a thread about a topic getting as many threads as sharding has been, you are contributing to the forums being spammed with it.

and unfortunately the mods don’t seem to want to merge threads around here.

Merging threads would make in incoherent mess.

Anyway … just counted, in the 1st 50 threads on the page, sharding topics make a grand total of 2 of those including this one. Hardly something I would call spam.

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It wouldn’t be that much of a mess given that everything is talking about sharding.

It’s died down a bit now but in the last 1-2 weeks the forums went crazy with sharding threads.

Doing a search for sharding in the last week shows at least 11 unique threads with sharding in the title.

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It may not prevent the need for sharding, but it certainly cannot hurt to make every effort to reduce the need for sharding, right?