Shadowlands Season 3 Ending Soon


With all respects, the time is not enough at all for serious progress, considering that not all the guilds actually raiding in actual PvE Content, and trying to complete the mythic content are Professional Gamers. Not all players have enough time/skill for emulating pro-gamers in terms of progress at all.

Man, even the Alliance Hall of Fame isnt even completed still (Actually is at 96#, and the last one was completed nearly just hours ago).

This Tier, at least from my PoV, is mechanically quite more difficult than others, which is good in certain point, but its not something that only just taking away % of Boss HP, or damage you can just nerf properly as you could see just from charts and comments from people doing mythic content like in other Tiers.

This cant be serious.


Little late on the posts eh? I done knew them leaks suck when it makes you have to post after. Just end season 4 and get shadowlands over already.

Theres no way they will cut the longest pull count raid to a short season and make us do it again for a minimum of 4 months right? :copium:


It’s confirmed ending.

Pls delay seasson 4 for 1 more month , we need more time to finish CE

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Yes, we intend to close the current raiding tier for achievements such as Ahead of the Curve with the weekly reset the week of August 2.

We have additional tuning in the works, with a focus on the end encounters of Sepulcher. We know that currently far fewer guilds are on track to get Cutting Edge in particular than in past tiers and we want to address that in the coming weeks, before Season 3 ends.


Given the state of Alliance raiding at this point, why would you expect blizz to wait out until Alliance fills their HoF plus X amount of time for other guilds to get CE? Sanctum was almost 3 months longer and everyone complained that it was too long w/o new content. DF is right around the corner and they already planned S4 for M+ and Raids. 147 days between mythic opening and season end = 21 weeks of access to mythic sep. If your guild isn’t on jailer with 4 weeks left, especially after the considerable nerfs to all of the bosses, the issue is not with blizzard. I really don’t know why this is necessarily shocking for anyone?


It should not be weeks for additional tuning to be done. And it should be massive nerfs (like delete all oneshot mechanics etc and make it complete pushover). And it should be done today instead of coming weeks.

We are just started progressing Rygelon mythic and were expecting at least 2-3 more months of season 3 and now you announce we only have 1 month? Really?

Do it. Or extend season 3 by at least a month.


How many “coming weeks” will this take when the season ends in four?


I’m the leader of a 6h mythic raiding guild. We raided every single raid night this tier. We got CE on Castle Nathria, got CE on SoD, and now we got Rygelon down to 30% and are just about to reach Jailer on the slowest and longest tier of the expansion and the tier is being cut short. Why is this happening? I mean… Just look at the kill count for Jailer compared to Sylvanas and Denathrius during the same period of time. Just why though?


That still doesn’t give us enough time though unless you’re massively nerfing Jailer to the point it doesn’t take a full month or more of prog. Just getting through P1 takes a lot of pulls because you have to deal with so many overlapping mechanics. It’s a 300+ pull boss… ours guilds just on our first 50… on a 2 day raiding schedule. 8 raid days is impossible to get enough pulls to finish unless we mega chad it.

Only 347 guilds that have killed M Jailer which is literally half the previous seasons. The main reason for this is because we had to spend weeks farming heroic before we could even do Mythic.


Should either extend season 3 or make it so CE/AOTC are still attainable in season 4. Otherwise I don’t know that I’d still have much interest in playing until dragon flight release


Nice, this season got stale a while ago. Hopefully we can get shorter seasons in the future.
Also can you explain what’s going to happen with legendaries item level? Are we gonna have to recraft them again or is there some plan to just upgrade them? What about conduits and catch up gear?


Yeah they could easily make CE/AOTC obtainable in season 4 considering they just cut season 3 by whole 3 months…


They’re on a time table. 10.0 will launch this year, so August 2 is about the farthest they can reasonably make it if they want to have a season 4.

To be 100% honest with you I hate that this is the solution. Instead of giving us time to try and over come difficulty content, to learn, grow and improve the encounters are getting nuked in this mad dash to try and maintain a status quo.

In my mind it is stuff like this that really ruins the experience. Not only is the team constantly being rushed towards the next release (minor or major) the players are now being rushed along to finish content before it is made trivial or obsolete. WoW has ended up in a really strange place. It doesn’t really feel like a grand epic RPG anymore. As time goes on it is starting to feel more and more like a typical live service game cash cow.

Maybe these feelings are just the red flag that my expiration date for this game is up.


please nerf Heroic Jailer too, im in a super casual guild and last night we got to 9% I really hope we get aotc

This. And I doubt they care.


If the idea is to reduce the time between patches, it is expected to have less guilds completing the content in the future. I don’t think this is an issue. Thanks for the fast communication and the great job lately.