Shadowlands non raid content is apparently a minigame for mythic raiders to abuse

Yeah and that happened to me and it played a part in me unsubbing for a majority of the expansion. Also did you forget Benthic gear during Eternal Palace? I only played one patch of the expansion and had bags upon bags full of gear that had literally been thrown my way from doing monotonous content. I literally got a Mythic ilvl piece from doing “Against Overwhelming Odds”. That should NEVER happen.

People apparently pay 15$ a month to do nothing and be rewarded for it. I’m sure they’d love this game.

if you’ve actually read any of my posts you wouldn’t have accused me of wanting BiS without earning it. my BiS in pvp i’ll cap conquest in area for and then enjoy myself in random bgs. my pve set will be normal raid and low mythic+ gear. that is MY BiS. BiS is not universal. it is entirely dependent on the content you do. i want my BiS and have every intention of doing the content i’ll need to to earn it.

i play a phone game called afk arena that hands out stuff just for afking. i wouldn’t pay for it though. XD

They should add an invisible aura to all items (Except quest/WQ items) that nerfs their stats by 50% outside of the content where they are dropped and keep world drops scaled to below normal dungeons.

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So you were saying

Cap conquest and get the best gear? No rating involved?

did you play in WoD? or tbc for that matter?

That’s how it was before. Doesn’t even need to be the “best gear in the game” just attach the WoD ilvl scaling and you’re good.

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Give people actual paths to gearing outside raids that rewards them for doing the content they enjoy

imagine being so elitist you think you shouldn’t get the gear to compete fairly in pvp by doing pvp activities. XD


Why would you scale down raid gear in open world then?

I know for a fact BC required rating for shoulders and weapons. The best ones that is.

They’ve see-sawed on if rating requirements are good or not.

They started in TBC season 3 (weps and shoulders) and evolved to every slot in season 4 and Wrath.

Cata went back to just a few slots at eventually they removed them.

They obviously have no idea how they want PvP progression to work.

So people who like open world content are powerful in open world content?

do you remember literally afking and not even having to win just do 5 matches to get enough stuff to get everything else though? literally just standing there. if you grind wins in low level arena to get conquest there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get a set to do random bgs with. you realize i’m talking about doing arena right not random bgs to get it?

i mean if it’s so easy where your mythic gear?

I’ve never been in an arena where you could just stand afk and get points.

you obviously didn’t play in tbc then. because that was season 1 stuff.

Did it in Wrath and Cata.