Shadowlands: Mounts, Pets, and More (Part 1)

Shadowlands: Mounts, Pets, and More (Part 1)

Beyond the veil, a bounty of new mounts, pets, and more await you in the Shadowlands. Which of these many treasures will you set your sights on?

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Warbringer Mal’Korak’s piggy. I liked this post can you release the swine into my care?

Not particularly a fan of it but I figure people are going to ask .

Any idea when we will see the voted on mount and will it be an in game obtainable, a 6 month sub or a Blizzconline reward ?

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I think if you have an active sub at the end of feb or march you automatically get it? This is off the top of my head.

Gotta catch them all addictEmon!

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Yes and yes.

Probably won’t use it .I mainly use ones that work both land and sky . Like the Wrath TW charger.

I was just curious

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All you need is to have Shadowlands bought on your account. It’ll be handed out for free to everyone. Whether it’s Blizzcon or 9.1 we don’t know though.

The next six month store promotion should be the zodiac ox mount sometime next month.

What they should of done is a vote for a alliance and a horde mount .

I can see alliance using the tree and maybe horde druids but it doesn’t really fit the horde aesthetic

Yeah but none of the five are remotely faction related. And people would just complain of unfairness. Easier to give us all the same thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a free mount to vote on

If you think about it with the tree mount people think Night Elves (Alliance) .

Some of the others like the spider type mount kind of fits the forsaken aestheic.

How many non alliance toons do you expect to see using it ?

Is that relevant? They’re giving you a free mount and you’re asking for more. Also Horde got the free chopper mount.

Trying to get Dredroc

The Moth mounts are the best looking mounts ever added to this game. Anyone that disagrees is wrong.



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We’re still in Q1.

When pigs fly.

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Like I said I really don’t care about the mount . I was just saying it would of been cool to have it so there was a vote to make the mount more thematic to each faction . Be it 2 different mounts or a variation of the same .