Shadowlands: Mounts, Pets, and More (Part 1)


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Theres like 3 mounts there and the rest are minor recolors.

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You got a mount for bfa pre-patch that has a complete unique skin and should have come from castle nathria with a red palette.

Thats enough faction specificity to last several expansions.

apparently lots.

the numbers did the talking.
horde votes won the chopper contest… so it stands to reason that a lot of horde players voted tree.

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I like the toy that requires 36 floors of Torghast. Let’s add another 144 floors and 4 additional items, just for fun.


Ok there were 2 mounts for the BfA pre patch and they were both faction specific .



Both make sense at the time .

Hippogryphs are the main FP mount for Night elves and Plague Bats are the main FP mounts for Forsaken . Especially with the main antagonist being Sylvanas and the protagonist being Tyrande and Malfurion .

And you wanna know how many hippogryphs exist in the game:

Yes the undercity plaguebat shares a skeleton with the antorus mounts, DH class mount and the 4 Argus fiends but the artwork drastically stands out vs the teldrassil hippogryph.

Is there any pet that balances classes, I would sure go for that pet!

Lost featherling. Too adorable for anyone to even fight. Balance restored

Balance classes already.

Y’all gonna post something with some actual substance?

Finish the story. What about the clams?

But seriously, what about the Slime Serpent? No clues or hints? Would have been a perfect time lol >.>

Love you.

I don’t expect to see anyone using much past the first few weeks.

Sinrunner blanchy is the new bronze drake.

Exactly and to be honest I think horde players were divided over some of the others that Alliance players were able to get the Tree through

Well I play both sides but mainly Alliance, and I will not ride the dumbest mount that was ever created. I wanted the jellycat!

I’d rather have some PvP tuning…

TC Torghast was easy…

I never said or implied it wasn’t.