Shadowlands: Eternity's End Content Update is Now Live!

Shadowlands: Eternity's End Content Update is Now Live!

The fight against the Jailer and his forces continues in this last chapter of the ongoing saga. Prepare to face Zovaal before he rewrites the very rules of reality.

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Hey look some news

Edit: Nevermind


Deja vu!

So they release this without nerfing hunter, lock and bear? wtf!



Whelp the next set of rep grinds is a upon us I guess.


Zovaal looking pretty clean here, damn.

And did his mace transform into a flail? If that’s a mechanic in the fight that’s actually pretty sick.

Edit: Dungeon journal suggests he transforms his mace into a flail. That’s pretty dope.

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Such bland and no sense characters. All formless, faceless. All with glare and excessive lights. I subscribed for 1 month and regretted it. I saw empty servers, but maybe because I logged in during limbo week. Let’s see if it gets better anytime soon.

Blizz needs to hire better writers. This Shadowlands expansion was a really bad idea. I’ve said this since the ad. The afterlife must remain a mystery and not be explored.

The fantasy of Azeroth, the great darkness beyond and the twisting nether are worlds magical enough. Messing with the world of death is too much even for fantasy stories.


I love exploring the afterlife and I’m having fun in Shadowlands. My main complaint is that there isn’t a lot of depth to the zone stories, which have the beginnings of some interesting lore if they were to flesh it out more.

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Can’t wait to start raiding.


Trying to find the bright side…… we are one step closer to the end of Shadowlands I suppose.


And here in lies the biggest issue i have with Shadowlands.
Zero. PvP. Tuning.
None, The same classes are just as broken with 0 looks from blizzard, and now we are adding a second legendary ontop of that.
I would give anything for a Dev to actually go into Arena for 2 months as a class that isn’t FOTM, Flavor of the month isn’t even the right term anymore. FOTY. But hey im excited for a resto sham to continue doing more damage then the dps in their 2’s team by just summoning an earth ele.

I can’t wait to get this crappy expansion over with and announce the next expansion. We’re one step closer to getting out of of this hell hole and move on like it never existed.


Will there be any improvements to the mission table? New followers? New troops? Any ability to upgrade them?


This has been the most F***ed up expansion created and if the next one is any worse I’ll be gone for good


i just love all the complainers paying for the game but must whine hard in comments


What don’t you like about it specifically?

Please just let Torghast die already.


Maybe you should have spent some time testing this patch before releasing it. The lag and bugs are worse than ever! You had 8 months to get it right!


I give this lack of content an F-. Lag, Mobs that hit you like you are in a M+16.
A little toning would be nice.

Why does bear need nerfed?