Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread

Yup talents/spells are on PTR.

yeah all the glyph demons are still 2 second casts.

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That’s kinda what I figured. A boy can dream, though.

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Affliction needs a fire spell.

Mages get frostbolt and fireblast baseline. Warlocks get corruption on a 2 sec cast time baseline. Arcane can now have 3 spell schools where as affliction only had 1. This needs to change.

Some fire spells to choose to add back to affliction.

Fel flame
Searing pain

All previously baseline warlock spells.


It might be worth moving and linking a lot of these posts to the Prepatch PTR forums… we have access to the class changes in PTR.

The more reason to move these threads to the PTR thread :wink:

Speaking of talents… since they are so under powered anyway, inner demons and sacrificed souls need to be made baseline and make new talents in their place. Grim FG and nether portal need to line up with tyrant CD. And nether portal needs to summon demons based on amount of shards spent, not each time you spend a shard.


Love Inner Demons and soul siphon. I don’t know if would work but they could change our mastery for an alternate version of inner demons. So, we would spawn more imps scaling numbers with mastery and a increase proc chance to summon random demons

I think is way more fun than a passive damage increase

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Yea i was of the same mind. that way you have options if you get spell locked.

I did run quite a few heroics so far on affliction. It’s pretty fun overal! Really like drain + rupture style! Only thing that comes to mind on every pull I wish seed of corruption was instant cast and defult shard count was 5/5. This would allow for dealing damage sooner seed+taint+rupture on aoe packs. Ramp up time on aoe still feels too slow.


I can see seed being instant. they will never give us 5 shards as default…

what do you think about adding back soulburn for affliction?

Got in beta and have been kicking it around a bit as demo. Still in bastion, 2 chapters left.
Shadowlands is good guys. It looks good, it feels good.
Guard still seems a little squishy even though my ilvl is well above what im doing, though i am doing semi-large pulls to make use of wrathstorm and demonic strength. Also, dreadstalkers just feels right as an instantcast since im running around with the pvp talent.

Also interesting to note, my wrathguard, fel succubus, and voidlord are 2 sec cast currently. I dont think they have increased casting time for glyphed demons (maybe they wont have to WITH DEMON STABLES if i had one meme)


Demon stables. Make it happen blizz


All I wish is that demo gets some synergy between most of our pets to master and back forth from master to pets instead of just filler dots.

I was looking at the shadow priest and some of the synergy between their spells is pretty damn good. Our spec cant even be fully tested yet with that totem pet bug that despawns tyrant/dreadstalkers and no extension on vilefiend timer with tyrant

Pets arent dots. They do direct damage.

I agree. I just feel like inner demons fits the fantasy perfectly, and would be decent consistent damage. Right now on PTR demo is great on burst but not so much sustain like Affliction, which is amazing atm

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Referring to imps. Which are glorified dots.

I am excited to try out a legendary/conduit combo that is supposed to be good. Dogs get incrased for each HoG shard spent, and dots have a % per hit to dreadbite (also the better puppies talent, make it stronger and cleave each time).

You say you want demon stables yet don’t bump the demon stable threads smh

Almost forgot. Glad I saw this.

Since they are still making class changes, I hope at the very least they don’t forget demo. Still the worst of the three for I think obvious reasons. The burst is strong but the sustain is trash. Affliction seems to be looking strongest with destro looking very good as well.