Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread

Honestly right now i just want to see what they will do about demonology. I really want a flat interrupt from the warlock for each specialization and just change the felhunter silence. More importantly i want bliz to just give demonology warlocks the ability to have 2 demons.

I like dreadstalkers as an ability, summoning hounds to attack my enemies feels very legion, but i dont like them as a button… They are slow to cast (reduced in SL) and do ok damage for having both a shard cost and a CD. I like the haste from them idea.

Also, can we address one of the weirdest and biggest problems demo has? Can we get some spell descriptions for imp/dreadstalkers? Or even pet page in char page again? Nowhere does it show any numerical breakdowns. Nowhere does it even say the puppies do a dreadbite, even though talents/artifact traits mention it. It is inexcusable at this stage for there not to be more information.

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A grimoire tab that showed all the demons you can summon including the nether portal ones would be very cool even if it’s just an rp-ish thing.


Can we get explosive potential back for ST?

It’s a legendary, but requires 3 targets minimum to be hit.

Warlock stables now T.T

Adding to OP


Ik that’s why I said for single target. Demo is going to feel so bad with -60% haste and the ramp up issue only increases. That combined with beginning xpac is already low haste. Additionally it’s another resource to manage that made the spec a bit more interested instead of just dogs and imps over and over. Having that 4th button in the ST rotation felt good.

I mean with the new Demonic Consumption, the rotation favors more Big Demons (Vile Fiend, Grimoire Felguard); and if you don’t go Demonic Consumption, then you can go for a “Fast Soul Shards” build between Demonic Calling, Soul Strike, and Soul Conduit.

IMO using AOE on ST is always “bad design” tbh

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That isnt mutually exclusive really. You can summon vilefiends and felguards with implosive potential as well. If anything, if vilefiend is meta over soul strike being -60% haste down on top of adding another cast time feels even worse. Like I said, I already feel like I have 500ms ping when I drop my haste buff currently.

It being AoE is kinda irrelevant for the ST rotation. If they remove the AoE element and make it only a ST ability nothing changes for the ST rotation. I mean if that is the issue I wouldnt mind a seperate ability that just cans 3 of my imps and gives me my +60% haste back. AoE on ST issue solved.

That’s the point, and why that gameplay was degenerate lmao using an AOE Button on ST Rotation is Not Good Design. IMO, at least.

Same issue rn in beta that Rain of Chaos has with Rain of Fire. Chaos Bolt is too slow and hits for too little in comparison to RoF + Incinerate, especially considering More Infernals.

Your main two complaints were “more button to press during rotation” and “haste buff”.

Haste buff isn’t happening unless you get the Legendary, and really in general the amount of Haste we’re getting in 8.3 is also degenerate/bad. Everyone is anywhere between 50-80some% haste if you’ve been good about stockpiling your Echoes for Expedient 3 vendor rotation.

So I mentioned the More Buttons Build that favors New DeCon.

Blizzard doesn’t want us having haste buffs outside of AOE if the design atm for SL is anything to go by.

New Ability. Can 3 imps, refund haste. AoE on ST solved. No aoe. implosion exists on seperate ability.

That’s corruption, not implosive potential. Min/Maxed warlock corruptions double the already big haste buff. 8.2 implosive was fine after it was correctly tuned after release.

That’s the entire point of a feedback thread. All the changes listed here are outside of what blizzard appears to want. Another hot topic, the 6 second demon summon. They clearly dont want you to be able to get demon summons and swaps over and over without punishment in the design atm for SL. However as we see, that’s irrelevant to how it feels for the class.

Frankly they just need to reduced the amount of casting abilities we have. There’s no sense why some of our abilities have a cast time, a shard cost, and a cd. 3 on top of one another and then there’s the set up time.

Currently the way things look for demo, you have to instant. cast summon felguard - soul shard cost/cd, casting time vilefiend - soul shard cost/cd, casting time/instant on proc dreadstalker soulshard cost/ no cost/ cd, then cast 2 hog casting time/soul shard and then casting time tyrant which is damage overtime. that’ s one large set of cast times and set up.

The other thing is none of those spells has any type of synergy with us. The only one that does is dreadstalkers for core stacks once it despawns. Oh and the imps which might gave every now and then give a core stack. During the active time of these spells they do nothing else only purpose is for the tyrant that’s it.

There’s still the issue with a proper interrupt since that one skill is becoming ever more a requirement with every expansion but that’s been beaten to the ground so much I’m still quite not sure why we don’t have an interrupt in the WOW 2020 mechanics.


Yes, exactly!


So you know what would be neat? It’d be super cool if destro mastery could go back to a flat shard spender buff since all abilities will naturally have variance built in again. At least imo.

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I really don’t want the EP play style back… I understand the haste issues but I’d rather not implode for ST anymore… I like building my large army and keeping them out for their entire duration (even if they are just imps).

Just my opinion.


I get that it’s “useful” but I’m so tired of soul conduit being our go to talent… it’s just so boring. I’m surprised it survived legion tbh and managed to stay on all three specs.

I actually quite like using Implosion ST. That said, I’ve never been huge on the whole “army of minions” aesthetic. I don’t mind it in addition to my character doing cool stuff, but I don’t really care for it being the main thing we do. I like the idea that my warlock gets tired of how useless and annoying the imps are so he just commands them to explode on the enemy because they’re more useful that way lol.

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Lol I get it, but at the same time I don’t really like building up imps, implode for haste, build them back up, pop tyrant, hog hog implode… it’s just not a play style I care for, but I respect the fact people enjoy it and I hope it returns for you (them) back to a single target lego.

I kinda agree on the demon army thing. I personally just want to command more powerful demons. Two felguards, or a Fel Lord, pit lord, terror guard, etc. Unfortunately this won’t be the expansion I’ll be getting that lol (if ever).

I always thought that they should have kept the meta playstyle but just reskinned the meta spells to be big demon summons and call meta “fel empowerment” or some such with a non-purple Illidan graphic. But here we are.


Sup yall

Added Kalamazi’s latest video to the list of videos, and his feedback doc is updated (above)

Here is the video again so you don’t have to scroll up then down:


This Idea was suggested back in wotlk but never happened.

I would love to have a demons tab that shows these things.

:black_small_square:︎statsof each demon. For example it will show your wild imps primary stat, secondary stats, spell power, etc.
:black_small_square:︎description of each demon, and maybe where their home world is and who knows they can throw in a little side quest for low level players learn about each demon.
:black_small_square:︎may be a seperate talent system for our demon spells/abilities,passives such as things like soul strike, and the rest of the demon spells they throw in pvp system. Perhaps we have our normal talent system taylored to us and demon things taylored to them in a seperate tab. Yea i know classes like frost mage,death knights, and hunters want the same so why not just do it for all of us. Blizzard will be making 4 classes happy.

I just feel like blizzard can make the game more descriptive and give players more incentives so it feels more rewarding.

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