Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread

I haven’t tested it but the build’s stated damage for channel demonfire still seems comically low, curious to hear if people with alpha agree.

Literally LFR will get you higher than 420 rating.

I like the changes till now, but something bugs me. Why destruction got Rain of chaos and summons basically a rain of infernals fairly easy while nether portal sucks and we can’t summon nothing really impressive. Infernal is cooler than any other invocation from demon, but Malchezaar…


So on this note, while i get the desire to get something “new”, bringing back some of these old tier sets and legendary sets is a good thing IMO. They were genuinely impactful and were overall enjoyed by a good chunk of players. Honestly in the case of Blizz atm i think they were better served asking the community what they wanted back as opposed to trying to create like 128 legendaries from scratch. I really applauded Holinka putting out a twitter thread outright asking for what tier sets or old leggos people loved the most, and it looks like they pulled directly from it. Triple conflag, chaos bolt scaling subsequent bolts for example, the T19 set bonuses, these are genuinely gameplay enhancing sets. I understand “we want new and creative” but i do believe finding the gems from the last few expansions was the safer route that allowed us to actually give input as a playerbase.


Debatable point but yeah, Nether Portal’s list of demons is lame, and also each demon has unequal damage lol


Anywho everyone: Original post is now revamped, the 4th post is the “trash bin” of things that were addressed in some capacity, and Not’s Wowhead post was incorporated where he mentions something that wasn’t already present (but most was).

As always reply to this in case we get a build this week :smiley:


Focused Chaos got nerfed. 40% down from 65%.
Will the baseline damage be buffed? It’s very underwhelming right now.

likely not,

i would assume destro is gonna be rough going in PVP at first after its silliness right now in current game.

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Maybe rough, but the legendary that gives you a third conflag and reduces it CD will be strong. It also depends on soulbinds, and how chaosbolt scales compared to health.


It’s so sad when my unbuffed (and untalented) chaos bolts in my 473 lock do less damage than my 450 (uncorrupted) mage’s instant pyroblast.

i get that forsure, i always say look at the overall average cast damage in logs for the real picture but with pvp in mind that doesnt quite work. I hope its not completely DOA. Maybe there will be some cool roaring blaze, triple conflag, cremation build

True. I do way more DPS with my lock than with my mage. But in pvp, specifically in bgs, if someone notices you, getting two chaos bolts in is a win in my book. The long cast time means it should be a powerful spell. With corruption and overwhelming power, I get it down to 1.2s cast time - which is stupid. In shadowlands, it should go back to being a scary spell you don’t to want to be hit by even without dark soul.

It’s a long cast, all-school-silencing-expensive spell and it should do more damage than almost any other player castable spell in the game.

A few days ago, I was hit by a 540k touch of death - nothing I could do about it.
I’ve done 540k with my CBs in bgs; 10 stacks of supremacy + instability + int trinket + pvp dmg potion + berserk buff all that with a 1.8-2s interruptible cast time.
Touch of death is instant.

PvP is broken now haha


I honestly would rather Nether portal summon Prince Malkazar upon using it so it feels big and changed to summon demons on its own rather than us spending 1 soul shard to keep summoning demons. I hate that playstyle.

Maybe something like this

Nether Portal-cost 1 soul shard-instant cast-create a nether portal summoning Prince Malkazar to aid you and random demons every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. 3 min cd.
:black_small_square:︎Prince Malchazar lasts until nether portal expires and all other demoms summoned will last 10 sec each.

This way we use it as a cd and continue playing the way we normally play rather than the dumb summon 1 imp from hand of guldan everytime. That playstyle makes it so lame. I could imagine this spell being so bad and even less fun and frustrating for the players with lag.


Bumpity bump + everyone look at the Fire Warlock vs Chaos Warlock thread plz and thank you

The other issue Chaoslord re: Netherportal is that each demon has different dps :V Malch wrecks everyone but the other demons? If you’re so unlucky to have straight eyes or something? oof


Can you link the thread, please?


Check it out!

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Demonology suggestion:

Talent, 60 row: “From the Shadows”
Live: Casting Call Dreadstalkers causes the target to take 20% additional Shadowflame damage from you for the next 12 seconds.

Suggestion: Casting Call Dreadstalkers is now instant cast and causes the target to take 20% additional Shadow damage from you for the next 12 seconds.

(Or they could make it baseline instant cast too!)

if you wanna fix FTS it needs to affect tyrant damage, not just ours.

Wouldn’t mind x% haste for y seconds on dreadstalker cast or some such.


Demonology: Soul Strike this should be a baseline demonlogy ability

and it should be unique to each demon so demonology can build around different pets and not just Wrathguard 24/7.

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Thats an interesting idea “Summon prince malk that casts his own HoG when you do summoning a better demon based on X shards”