Servers down?

Roughly half the US servers went offline. Happened for me as we pulled the first boss of BRH in Legion M+.

small indie company


Same. Was hanging out in Outlands when randomly DCd. Now hung at retrieving realm list and unable to go further. Perhaps it’s time for a short break lol.

Yup kicked off in the middle of an Island I was like 100 off done too…

yeah, booted. was buying stuff with sandworn relics in Zm and the transaction wasn’t going through for a good 10-15 seconds before my whole client closed down, not just a log off.

It is being looked into folks, but I don’t have any more info at the moment.


Yep, was in LFR and thankfully just killed the boss…

RIP my +15 TOP. Was on the second to last boss.

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All the servers in the chicago data center are offline.

Multi-dollar company.

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Blue post appreciated.


Just an indie company learning the ropes, give them time guys… I am sure when they get 18 years in the MMO arena they will get it right.


Hangs on retrieving realm list. Was almost finished with a +10 sanguine :frowning:

Appreciate the reply all the same, thank you

Thank you!

Would appear it’s all logging, as I’m getting similar symptoms trying to get into Overwatch.

Thank you for letting us know you’re aware there’s an issue.

I’m sorry that all of you got booted as well, but I’m glad I’m not alone and that it’s not an issue on my end.


Realm Status: “No realm data to display. Please try again later.”

Just want you to know that I also have the issue, I hope that this will help resolving.

Will we get extra vault loot to compensate? Or maybe Creation Catalyst timer reset?

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Oh man, just as I was looting a BOE, BAAAAAMMMMM disconnected… that’s a first for me… :frowning: