Serpent-Coil Braid is not dropping

Currently as of todays date based off of Warcraft Logs there are:
11,187 Morogrim Tidewalker kills.
and of that 1,659 have kiilled vashj
in those 1,659 logs there is not a single Serpent Coil Braid. reference link Below - Not a single Vash kill with SCB logged - looking through the logs with blank trinkets in that section, none of the people benefitted from the SP increase or the 25% increase mana return (replenish mana never exceeded the 2460 tooltip maximum).

WCL’s filter feature does not show this trinket anywhere either, however items such as Warboots from Moro are also not shown, but are found individually in logs.

There is the case of loot not being given mid-raid, however, given that even top guilds in the world took more than 2-3 hours to clear, the loot would have expired for the rest of the guilds so it had to have been given out.

also looking at any single Tempest Keep log there is not a single mage with Serpent Coil Braid
this is not bad RNG. This is just bugged, out of 11,187 kills there should be braids but there are zero.


small indy cube crawlers


Blizzard controls loot tables to promote subs.

I didnt get a single traveler’s backpack out of over 3000+ DM Lasher runs. I got 11 the last two months of Classic Vanilla; in under 50 runs


This is insanely stupid. Even assuming they were so inclined… the resources necessary to manipulate loot tables/rolls for individual players across literally millions of kills would just be enormous. Congratulations, this is one of the top 10 dumebst things I’ve ever heard on these forums


sorry but your anecdotal claim over actual numbers from logs really doesnt mean much or add anything

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After spending an hour and a half and 5 more minutes, i too have determined 0 SCB have dropped/looted/used.

I can confirm that we do indeed have a bug preventing some bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep from dropping certain items from their loot table.

We’ve got a hotfix for it on the way, and we expect it to take effect with scheduled weekly maintenance.


So if I understand you right, this doesn’t show it not dropping, this shows no mages logged a fight while wearing it?

Cause those are two very different things

Edit - nvm I stand corrected

Do you know what the drop percentage is supposed to be?

Edit: NVM a blue post confirms a bug.

31% chance

That blue post, how does that even make it to live after PTR on a re-released game :thinking::open_mouth:


Thank you for the confirmation

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The weirdest things can happen when patching.

It’s working on PTR so its def something that happened in the patching process, meaning it wouldn’t be til this week it was found out.


thats the swift action we love

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small indie company btw


While it might be unlikely that Blizz would control those values, thinking that the chances of an item dropping are tied directly to individual players (hence having to manipulate loot for each individual players in your words), and not done on the server end, is probably one of the top 10 dumbest things I’ve heard on these forums. Congratulations


Pretty sure loot tables are just set up like “here’s your items, here’s their chance to drop, and here’s some rules for dropping (like drop 2 tier tokens)”

Some bug probably resulted in the drop chance being set to 0 or a negative number.


Actually, loot is handled by two tables server-side.

One is the loot table itself, which dictates what items will drop and the second table is the changes of each item dropping.

To manipulate the loot table is as easy as changing either of these tables to either change the loot, or the changes of things dropping, and that is it. No major work or effort.

This is why it is so easy for retail to have higher drop chances or different loot for higher instance difficulties.

Hypothetically speaking it would take very little effort to add a hidden “luck” value to each character’s DB record that can be modified with an AI algorithm to change each player’s individual drop chances. A simple modifier to change someone’s drop odds. Programmatically it is actually very simple. Something along these lines:

Drop_chance = Default_drop_rate * Individual_luck_modifier

Default_drop_rate = static % from a DB
Individual_luck_modifier = positive or negative value determined by an AI algorithm

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No it wouldn’t. I’m a software engineer and I can assure you there are several algorithms that tailor rng to player engagement metrics (playtime, login / logout periods, etc.). This has been done in casino 20 years ago, its not new. I do know blizzard uses mass data collection on players and machine learning algorithms to further engagement and this is well documented.

I don’t think its applied at the individual level but you’d be kidding yourself if you think it would take a lot of people to develop something to individually tailor rng based off your behavioral patterns. Facebook and Google already do this. This is an automatic process.

You’re a rat in a skinner box mate. Have fun for sure but this is a business, why do you think people develop severe addictions to this game? If it isn’t in the game, I bet its not long before it is.


Unbelievable. If you didn’t post about it Blizz probably wouldn’t even know and they would have left it as is.