Bugs? Problems? How about some updates Blizzard?

Hey there’s been a myriad of bugs and problems recently, with complete radio silence from blizzard. Any chance we get some updates as to whether you’re even aware?

  • Pet bars aren’t working in instanced areas. This affects Mage/Lock, as well as Chess event. Do you even know about this?
  • The Melee resil ring was missing on alliance side. Do you even know about this?
  • Ogrila and Terokkar dailies are bugged - any updates? Do you even know about this?
  • Loot tables for raids are borked.

I’m sure there’s way more going on but can we get any sort of “known issues” list, or even a random update?

is the current strategy just “hope they don’t notice!” and silently fixing it?


Have the fixed Succubuses not leaving a corpse behind yet?


But yeah, only thing I’ve seen mention of. RIP the rest.

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