Serpent-Coil Braid is not dropping

Hey, think about it, you’re just gonna love the game even more!

can u fix the mage bug with pet nova this is another thing holding mages back also the kara chess event bug we cant use pet abilities or pet nova inside instances and its dumb please fix this asap!

It would be cool to know what wasn’t dropping is that something we can get a list published on the hotfix?
Anyways appreciate the quick response.

Why do we even pay a sub for this game? You guys really don’t give a single F about your players. Pets are completely bugged since patch as well, which also makes Chess completely unbeatable in Kara as you can’t control pieces.

It’s a joke that every time you guys patch something you break 40 things and reintroduce old bugs to boot. Really speed running the collapse of your entire brand.

Not to mention we don’t even get patch notes for what you guys did.


Can you acknowledge the realm populations, specifically low population ones? Most topics on the front are related to dying realms.

Woot. Thank you for the update and the hotfix.

Our mages are going to be happy!

May we know which items are currently part of the bug and not able to drop? For EPGP systems and alike so we know what to not hold out points for currently.

So this hot fix made mages pet nova bug? Lmfao good job blizz

Talon of azshara wasn’t dropping either

Doubt it since the hot fix is being applied with the weekly maintenance that hasn’t happened yet.

Listen m8, you can either get the trinket or a pet nova, stop being so greedy.

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Okay sure, but every time they’ve brought out a patch/update since (and including) the TBC pre-patch it has been absolutely riddled with bugs. It just keeps getting worse. Vanilla Classic or even Retail never had this many problems.

dead game only 50 people online

Retail has a crap ton of bugs every patch and classic was a much simpler game honestly.

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